Michael Jackson completes 30 yrs as solo entertainer

Mumbai, Apr 25 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Its three years since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, said good-bye to the world and his millions of fans.
As MJ completes 30 years as solo entertainer, Big CBS Prime and Spark will be telecasting his exclusive 2001 concert on Apr 28 and 29 as a tribute to him.
The concert wrapped up just hours before two hijacked jet planes crashed into the Twin Towers of Lower Manhattan’s World Trade Center.
The shows sold out in five hours. Ticket prices were pop’s most expensive ever; the best seats cost $5,000 and included a dinner with Michael Jackson and a signed poster.
Jackson reportedly earned $7.5 million for each of the two concerts, which is over $150,000 per minute.

Popular pop acts of the day were by Destiny’s Child, N*Sync, Usher, Myra, Whitney Houston and Shaggy graced the stage to perform some of their own hits along with some of Michael’s.

The biggest highlight of the show was young Billy Gilman performing Jackson’s 1972 #1 U.S. hit “Ben”.
Among other performers and guests were Liza Minnelli singing “You Are Not Alone”; James Ingram with Gloria Estefan singing Jackson’s 1987 ballad, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You” (another #1 U.S. hit).Marc Anthony also sang “She’s out of My Life”.

Playing to a sold-out audience, Destiny’s Child also performed “Bootylicious” and Shaggy performed “It Wasn’t Me” – two chart hits personally requested by Michael Jackson himself.

The second hour of the show is by far the best remembered, featuring the exciting reunion of Michael and his brothers Jermaine, Jackie, Randy, Marlon, and Tito for a “greatest hits” medley.

As Michael glided and danced his way across the floor, the crowd roared all the louder in appreciation. Immediately afterward, Slash was properly introduced for a rendition of “Black or White”.

While this two-hour special was to also prepare the world for the release of Michael’s album “Invinclibe”, it also showcased the talents of the original Jackson 5 line-up as they performed such hits as “ABC” and “I Want You Back”.

 Perhaps the biggest roar in the audience went up when Michael performed his famous dance moves in his solo acts.
The concert closed out with Michael performing his latest hit from “IInvincible”, “You Rock My World” with Chris Tucker providing a few un-choreographed dance moves for laughs.

Other highlights of the night would include the ‘unification’ of three former child stars of separate generations, Michael, Elizabeth Taylor and Macauley Culkin who sat together in the audience while enjoying the concert.

This concert showcased both Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 and was widely received by his fans and critics alike with lots of praise and admiration for the man who gave us such timeless hits as “Thriller”, “Beat It” and “Bad”.

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