Mel B’s husband Stephen Belafonte gets into brawl promoting reality show

London, Oct 12 (Calcutta Tube) Singer Melanie Brown’s husband Stephen Belafonte reportedly got embroiled in violent brawl in a posh London hotel. The couple was in London to promote their new reality TV show, ‘Mel B: It’s a Scary World’.

They were enjoying an evening in the city’s luxurious May Fair hotel with friends, but the night turned ugly when a group of men reportedly made lewd comments about Brown, which allegedly prompted her husband to lash out, reports

‘It just exploded into violence. They were big lads and it all went crazy. Mel B was standing there dumbstruck. They’d all been chilling out in the bar and suddenly everything went mad,’ said an onlooker.

‘I think Stephen was provoked and retaliated. He’d been drinking cocktails but I don’t think he was drunk. Everyone was in good spirits. Melanie was in the lobby outside the bar talking to a friend when the fight broke out. She looked gobsmacked.

‘It was all over very quickly – it can’t have lasted more than 30 seconds. But it got very violent, very quickly. Punches were thrown from both sides and Stephen and this other bloke were rolling around on the floor. They were both big blokes and quite evenly matched. Other people were trying to pile in and the other guy ripped off Stephen’s jumper as they were struggling,’ the onlooker added.

The incident took place Thursday

The other man involved in the fracas was bleeding from the head and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The people involved were quizzed by cops but no arrests were made.

Belafonte later played down the incident, saying: ‘Things happen in life and you move on.’

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