Media being part of corrupt society may be corrupted: Lecture

Kolkata, Mar 10 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): There are two ways for a journalist to choose- the honest and the dishonest, says veteran Journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta.

Thakurta was here on Wednesday speaking at The Bengal Chamber, India’s oldest chamber of commerce, in association with the KKN Group about the increasing corruption in the media world. 

Delivering the 3rd of the ‘Think’ series lecture, on the theme  ‘Corruption in Indian Media’, he said it is nothing unusual that that there is corruption in media, as the society itself is corrupted and media being a part of the society, is bound to be corrupted.

Citing the example of the movie ‘Citizen Kane’, he referred that there are two ways of success for a journalist-honest and dishonest way.

The honest way being tough and a time consuming, whereas, the dishonest way is much easier very fast.

Thakurta said that it depends on the journalists which way they will choose.

He said: “We should not forget that still in remote places, people have more faith in a journalist for justice than even the District Magistrate.”

Giving various examples of media houses involving in corrupt practices, he emphasised on the institutionalisation of corruption in the Indian Media.

Referring to Julian Assange, he discussed the strength of a jouranlist which can move even the strongest institution of the world like the Government of America.

He said that the world is changing, and the people are becoming more aware of the happenings in the world, thanks to the media.

He said that in the days to come, corruption will slowly come to an end, and this will happen only if the media personnel remain honest themselves.

(Reporting by Arijeet Basu, Photos by Neelanjan Barua)

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