Megher Palok-new Bengali TV show launched by Star Jalsha

Kolkata, Apr 6 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Bengali general entertainment channel Star Jalsha recently launched a new serial based on a love story ‘Megher Palok’. With the story by Saikat Kundu, direction by Joy Mukherjee under the production house Screenplay, the serial stars Supurna, Rajib and Ankita Majumdar as the lead characters.
When two families fix the marriage of Rai (played by Supurna) and Indranil (played by Rajib), they both vow not to marry each other as Indranil already loves Ellina (played by Ankita Majumdar)  and Rai wants to be self-sufficient.
They end up being unique friends but the failures of negotiation rip apart the two families.
However in the midst of the courtship with Ellina, Indranil realizes that he really loves Rai, and the story gets twisted.
Commenting on her character Ankita Majumdar said, “Ellina is a cheerful and independent girl who does whatever she feels like. She never listens to anybody and loves Indranil.”
“Though she loves him, she is not able to propose Indranil. Thus she always tries to seduce him and forces him to propose her.”
Rajib said,”Indranil is a carefree boy who is never serious with his life. He loves Ellina but is unable to say it. He likes making friends enjoys the company of his pals.
Supurna said,”Rai is a bubbly and kindhearted girl brought up by her uncle and aunt. She likes to help people and wants to be independent and self-sufficient.”
Director Joy Mukherjee asserted that the story shows how love makes a man real, mature and “a perfect human being”.
He said, “The story is practical and depicts how our ideas changes with time. It shows how a man starts to love someone or something which he never liked before.”
Launched last month, ‘Megher Palok airs at 6:30 pm from Monday to Saturday.
Megher Palok-Benagli TV show launched by Star Jalsha

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  1. i just want to know when will they show the last episode of megher palok???? saturday they had shown that one more episode is left but it is that fron today “ishti kutumb” has started….plzzzzz let me and all the fans of star jalsha megher palok watch the last episode which is the most important and exciting one…..

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