Megha Burman on film ‘Dam 999’ (Interview)

Megha BurmanKolkata-born girl Megha Burman made her debut in the world of films with the much-talked about film of recent times, ‘Dam999’. IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught up with Megha for a quick chat over the film. Excerpts

Speak something about your character in the film and how did you prepare yourself for the character?

I play a Muslim girl named Raziya. She portrays the Shringara Rasa. She is the epitome of romance and love. Raziya grows very fond of a little boy Sam, and takes care of him like she would her own child. Freddy and Raziya are lovers and share great camaraderie in the film. I read the script several times. Then I started working from the inside. I started with her inner characteristic traits, her history with her parents, her emotional bond with Freddy. How she should cover her head and wear her clothes, how she should walk and talk.
How did the opportunity to act in Dam999 come to you?
I received a call for an audition after I was spotted on a television commercial. I went through a look test and performed important scenes from the film for the directing team. Three days later I was informed that they wanted me to portray Raziya.
 Speaking about the experience, how was it working with such international and eminent national actors? 
In the West they have a different work culture. The actors are represented by Agents and protected by unions. They worked on 8 hour shifts and 6 days a week. But essentially the passion and drive for acting was the same.I was a bundle of nerves before shooting my scenes with them. I had very few scenes with Ashish Sir (Ashish Vidyarthi), so I did not get to interact as much with him. He was very focused on his work. Rajit Kapoor is a lot of fun. I worked with him on a Radio Drama for BBC much before Dam999. He has a great sense of humor, and would be cracking up before takes. All the other actors were great to work with. Jineet is a great kid; he stayed up way past his bedtime without making a fuss.
4) Tell us something about your childhood and how did you start your career in acting?
A friend and I had plans for an evening movie. She said she had to make a stop over at an audition. Once there everyone asked me to audition as well. Few days later I was shooting for the Bru Commercial. The popular jingle and well shot commercial had a very long run-time. I was tagged as the Bru Girl. One thing led to another. The rest they say is history.
 Who were your role models in the world of acting?
I admire many artists and the work they do.I look up to actors for various reasons. Some for their inspiring body of work, some for their personality, and various other reasons. I strongly feel that everyone is unique in his or her own way.
 Tell us something about your upcoming projects?
I have a brief but important part in Ajita Suchitra Veera’s directorial debut ‘Rustom ki Dastaan’ . Currently in New York I am reading a script for an independent film.

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