Media is blamed by some for India-China tensions

With the media blamed by some for stoking India-China tensions, a group of Chinese journalists Monday called on External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna to explore ways to build better understanding between the two countries.

The seven-member Chinese media delegation comprised of some of the leading opinion makers in China that included, among others, Ning Guangqiang, vice-president of China Youth Daily, and Wang Tian, chief of opinion desk at the influential People’s Daily.

They have been invited by the external affairs ministry in a bid to promote better understanding between the two neighbours whose relations are often the subject of media speculation.

Last year, Indian TV networks played up reported Chinese incursions, triggering a sharp reaction from China.

The Chinese media often carries hostile articles against India. A Chinese analyst last year wrote an article on a Chinese website in which he exhorted Beijing to fragment India into dozens of independent states.

Reacting to it, the Indian external affairs advised the media to observe restraint and warned that such reports could impact ties between the two countries.

It is against this backdrop, the foreign ministries of both sides have decided to promote a more active exchange of media persons.

The idea is to promote better understanding of each other’s society, culture and values, said official sources.

Chinese journalists will be interacting with their Indian colleagues Tuesday at a seminar organised by the Indian Council of World Affairs, a premier Indian think tank.

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