MBBS/BDS impersonation: 7 beneficiaries secure anticipatory bail

September 4,2010, Jammu (Calcutta Tube/AIP): Tardy pace of investigation in to the MBBS/BDS impersonation racket has given enough time to the high profile beneficiaries to seek anticipatory bail from the court to evade arrest by the police authorities.

Sources told Agence India Press, as police failed to track the whereabouts of VVIP candidates immediately after the first arrests were made all the seven beneficiaries on whose behalf impersonators appeared in the medical entrance examination managed to secure anticipatory bail to preempt their possible arrest.

Among the seven beneficiaries three candidates including two belong to political families and one is a businessman while four other are outsiders.

Meanwhile, the state police investigating the case are finding it difficult to reach out to the kingpin Kunj Bihari who is at large since the day seven arrests were made.

In another related development the state police team, awaiting CBI authorities to take over the charge is still groping in the dark over the exact number of Impersonators who had managed to enter the entrance examination hall.

We have started looking for more such impersonators to unearth the interstate impersonation racket flourishing with the tacit support of private college authorities, a senior police officer said adding that we are going through the records of the medical entrance examination to arrive at a conclusion. It is a time consuming job and handwriting experts are making all possible effort to match the hand writing of candidates on different forms including their application forms, examination ticket and attendance sheet, the police officer said.

Agence India Press

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