Maruti launches new version of ‘Swift’ in Kolkata

Maruti Swift launch in KolkataKolkata, Aug 18 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzuki on Thursday launched a new sportier and stylish version of their flagship premium compact car model “Swift”.
Maruti had previously generated a hype by discontinuing the previous version and announcing the availability of a new enhanced model of the car that had “virtually introduced the premium compact segment in the Indian market.”
While speaking at the promotional event in Kolkata, Maruti Executive Officer Mayank Pareek remarked, “When Swift became such a huge success, we thought why not create something better but the challenge before us was very great.
[ReviewAZON asin=”1907670068″ display=”inlinepost”]”We had told our engineers and designers that there is just one condition – the look of the car cannot be changed.
“They came up with an excellent design that is wider, longer, more aerodynamic and offers greater performance and fuel efficiency. We are offering 142 customer facing features so it is essentially a new car with the old feel of Swift”
“We have already received 50,000 bookings even though the customers are not even aware of the price,” he added.
Maruti is establishing new units in Manesar to meet the expected demand of the new Swift that will come in both petrol and diesel versions.
“We are looking to increase our current capacity from 10 to 12,000 cars to 16 to 18,000 cars and for that purpose we are looking to establish a second assembly unit in Manesar in the next month,” Pareek remarked.
“India is going to become the third largest automobile market with a demand of 80 lakh vehicles by 2020 and we think we will be short of capacity, so we are always looking at new places,” he said.
Pareek addressed the issue of rising fuel prices with a straight bat and expressed his concern at a lack of proper fuel policy.
He said, “In the long term we are not clear whether to focus on petrol or diesel as there is no proper fuel policy and so we are in a dilemma.”
While commenting on the issue of current growing customer inclination towards diesel cars he said, “The Indian customer is value conscious. We have seen that wherever diesel is available customers prefer diesel.”
The new variant of Swift comes at introductory prices of Rs. 4.39 lakhs, Rs. 4.78 lakhs and Rs. 5.62 lakhs for the petrol versions and Rs. 5.24 lakhs, Rs. 5.68 lakhs and Rs. 6.46 lakhs for the diesel versions.
(Reporting by Arnab Chakraborty)

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