Married woman, lover held for Delhi murder

New Delhi, May 31 (Calcutta Tube) A married woman and three others, including her lover, have been arrested in east Delhi for murdering her brother-in-law who was opposed to the relationship, police said Monday.

Usha Srivastava, 28, Imamuddin, 25, and Firoz, 26, and a juvenile were arrested Friday for murdering Jagdish Yadav (Usha’s brother-in-law) in West Vinod Nagar in east Delhi Thursday, police said.

‘On Thursday, an information was received about a murder in West Vinod Nagar. Yadav was found dead with stab wounds,’ a senior police official said.

According to police, during investigation it was found that the victim’s sister-in-law was having an affair with Imamuddin for the last few months.

Imamuddin was kept under surveillance. It was subsequently found that he had a criminal background, police said.

‘His phone call details were analyzed, which also indicated his presence at the place of the incident at the time of the offence. On Friday, he was interrogated and he disclosed that he along with his two associates murdered Yadav, on the instigation of Usha,’ the police official said.

According to police, Usha was also apprehended and she confessed to her involvement. Later, Firoz was also apprehended. A juvenile co-accused was also arrested.

During interrogation, Imamuddin disclosed that he was having a love affair with Usha for the last one year.

Few days back, Usha told him that Yadav, husband of Usha’s sister, often scolded her for her relationship with him. Usha lived at Yadav’s home as she had deserted her husband who lives in Kolkata.

According to police, Usha kept applying pressure on Imamuddin to eliminate Yadav. On Thursday, Imamuddin along with his associates hatched a conspiracy to kill Yadav.

‘He along with his friends visited Yadav’s house. First, they threatened him and later killed him,’ senior police official added.

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