Married Eesha Koppikar worried about sexy scenes in Bollywood Movies


Actress Eesha (Koppikar) Narang is suddenly very conscious of her onscreen image after she got married to Timmy Narang. She has requested the producers of ‘Right Yaaa Wrong’ to snip off a sensuous scene she shot with Aarav Chowdhury.

According to sources, while Eesha was rather carefree about the kind of roles she did, like the lesbian character in ‘Girlfriend’ opposite Amrita Arora. The raunchy scene in this film was shot about two years ago when she wasn’t anywhere close to getting married.

However, now that she is part of such a respectable family, the need has arisen for her to carefully think about the kind of image she portrays.

The story has been confirmed by director Neeraj Pathak who stated that the actress indeed requested for the scene to be deleted as she wants kids to be able to watch the movie too. He has, however, been unable to listen to her request as the scene was essential. So, he has simply made a few changes.

Eesha has, strangely, denied the story and states that the film is being edited by the director who is editing out scenes that aren’t necessary to the plot.

-Sampurn Wire

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