Marathi Hip Hop on ‘DID’ Hindi TV Serial


‘Dance India Dance’ the reality show on Zee TV has got huge hype with highest TRP’s. ‘DID’ contestants are coming up with some more innovative performances and if you think Hip Hop was too cool to go Marathi, then think again! The latest episode of ‘Dance India Dance’ captures the livewire twosome from Gujarat, Binny Sharma and Dharmesh Yelande from Geeta’s Gang, delivering a kick-ass ‘Marathi Hip Hop act’ to the beat of the evergreen popular Marathi song ‘Naagoba Dolaayla Laagla’.

An onlooker from the sets informs, “The comic act features a naagin Binny trying every trick in the book to bite Dharmesh and the Marathi Manoos desperately trying to escape her. Remixed to a catchy hip hop beat, the dance is being touted as master Geeta Kapur’s latest trump card- a terrific innovation that is bound to take her team places. At the end of the act when Binny the naagin manages to sink her teeth into Dharmesh’s arm, he yells in chaste Marathi, ‘Haa Naagoba Malaa Chaawla Atta maajha kaay Honaar?’ (Oh my god, the snake’s bitten me. What’s going to happen to me?) Grand Master Mithun Da jumped right into the act at this point to say ‘Jaast kaahi Naahi Honaar. Tulaa log hya pudhe Nagoba Dharmesh mhanteel’ (Don’t worry, you’ll be OK! We’ll just call you nagoba Dharmesh from now). When asked how he managed to speak such good Marathi in the middle of the act, Dharmesh clarified, “Oh but I am a Maharashtrian from Vadodara. It’s my mother tongue. Kaay? Aaavadla kaa?.”

Source goes on, “This is the first time we will see an act in Marathi Hip-hop. The team is very excited. In the past, we have experimented with Salsa-Raasleela, Kathakali on a Bollywood number and much more variety.”

-Sampurn Media

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