Mano Ya Na Mano Season 2 on STAR One: mysteries from India

Mano Ya Na Mano TV Show
Mano Ya Na Mano TV Show

New Delhi, July 31 (Calcutta Tube) A young girl who sheds tears of blood and a man who hasn’t eaten for 70 years – such mysteries from every nook and corner of India will be unravelled on the second season of thriller series ‘Mano Ya Na Mano’, to be telecast on STAR One.

For ‘Mano Ya Na Mano 2’, the stories will be told by actor Mishal Raheja, who is seen on ‘Laagi Tujhse Lagan’ these days. He was earlier seen in the show ‘Love Story’ on SAB TV.

‘In its upcoming season, the show will have stories about Aghoris – known for their cannibalistic rituals. This apart, the show will tell about a unique ritual followed in a village of Tamil Nadu where a couple getting married has to perform ‘thoppukaranam’ – sit ups, holding their ears 10,000 times. The bride and groom have to walk around the temple tank with grass in their mouth, and holding burning torches,’ said a press statement from the channel.

The show is expected to begin in August.

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