Mangala (2011)-Telugu Film Review

March 7, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Mangala is a 2011 Telugu film directed by Osho Tulasiram with and Charmmee, Pradeep Rawat others in the cast. Read the film review at Calcutta Tube.

Charmmee sparkles in horror flick ‘Mangala’

Director: Osho Tulasiram;

Cast: Charmmee, Pradeep Rawat, Vijaya Sai and Uththej;

Music: Vishwa;

Rating: **1/2

Among the Telugu film heroines it is Bhoomika and Charmmee, the girls hailing from Punjab, who, besides making Hyderabad their hometown, have made an impact through their individual performances.


Charmmee has been able to hold her own in the male-dominated Telugu film industry where a heroine’s demand is determined by the extent to which she agrees to expose on screen and her willingness to play second fiddle to the lead actor.


Charmmee made a debut in her teens in the Tamil film industry, but it was the Telugu film industry which has given her a firm footing as a leading actress.


Though she started her career as a sex siren, Charmmee has been able to make an impact through her performances in many films like ‘Anaganaga Oka Roju’ and others.


She has acted in many heroine-oriented films like ‘Manthra’ and others. Now Charmmee’s new film ‘Mangala’ which has the whole story focused on her character has been released, but certainly this film fails to stand out in comparison with many of earlier films in terms of quality and substance. As far as Charmmee’s performance is concerned, it is certainly remarkable.


Director Osho Tulasiram focuses more on technical support for the film than writing a credible script. The climax is utterly laughable and irritating. The so-called comedy sequences are not only cheap but boring.


‘Mangala’ focuses more on the black magic and witch craft for creating a horror feeling among the viewers. But most of the sequences are predictable.


A bad and cruel magician goes to the extent of killing a child to make some money to meet the extravagant spending of his lovable child Chinna. Chinna is a big fan of actress Mangala and wants to present a car to her.


He goes to Hyderabad to present a car to his favourite actress. But in the process, he gets insulted by Mangala who feels that Chinna is a stalker. Mangala humiliates Chinna and he is attacked by her assistants and followers. Unable to bear the insult, Chinna commits suicide. An enraged father of Chinna decides to take revenge on Mangala.


Mangala becomes a victim of witch craft and black magic organised by Chinna’s father. How she comes out of her trauma forms the rest of story in the film.


Charmmee gives one of the best performances in her career. Pradeep Rawat is as usual menacing. All the others have done well in their roles, while Uththej as a harassed producer brings in some laughs.


Technically, the film is strong in cinematography and quality. But music is ordinary and it is completely westernised. The background score is effective.


‘Mangala’ can be watched for Charmmee’s performance, but is boring at many points. The horror flick’s script contains a lot of loopholes, but is good for a one-time watch.

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