Managing Home Is Tougher Than Jungle –Marc Robinson

Marc Robinson doesn’t need any introduction, as he is well telecast in the reality show Iss Jungle… Along side his stint in jungle, we have discovered a new Marc so lets check out what he has to say in a heart-to-heart interview about his journey in the jungle and his family.

What was the reason for participating in Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bacchao?

The reason was that in my career of 20 years, I have done almost everything but I wanted to do a reality show, which I feel is true television. I have done a film and had been in fashion industry too, so I have experienced a lot. This was one void that I hadn’t done. This offer looked like the ultimate reality show to do. Conditions were severe, they test your endurance, it was tough and I wanted to do it.

What was your kid’s reaction when you announced that you were part of this reality show?

They said ‘NO’ you can’t go and the reason is that I travel a lot, but still I am in touch with my kids. My son is 5 and my daughter is 6, they were scared and skeptical of me being in reality show. They definitely didn’t want me to go.

How could you eat weird food on the show? You made it look so effortless.

One of my friends’ who’s a DJ told me that you are from Bandra and you will eat everything. So when I got that food in front of me I thought about what he said, that I am a Bandra boy and I will eat everything that is put on my plate, because we have nothing to everything on a plate. So we can survive.

Now when you think back, what was the yuckiest thing of the show?

The yuckiest thing of all was definitely when I was drinking the fish gut. It was thick- that the fish gut, intestine, scales, all that was yucky.

Would you like to go back again in the jungle?

I don’t think I would like to go back again, because I did it for experience, not for the money. My wife and kids would not let me go back.

Monday was not elimination, but a surprise eviction. Do you think you were out because you were not prepared for the challenge?

I was surprised too. I knew I would stay back till last week. With doctors we had planned that from Sunday I would get an injection everyday to help me with the back pain. On Monday, when we had surprised elimination, I was shocked. I did not take any injection and I went there hoping it would not be physical task, but unfortunately it was. The minute I saw what was to be done I knew it was over for me. Had I taken an injection, may be I wouldn’t have felt the pain. But the minute I performed, it was ‘good bye’.

Was there anyone in camp who you particularly disliked?

NO, this was a game and to hate people I have to love them and that I have reserve for my wife. I think I love her, so I can hate her. That is a strong emotion, so I can’t share that with anybody else. I, Akash and Chetan gelled up nicely. We were friendly; at least I was with everybody. People’s maturity level was not that high in camp. I knew that being the oldest member in the camp, I could easily play them if I wanted to. But I was just having a good time over there. So I didn’t hate anybody. But if this were for real, then I would not accept a lot of things that were being said in the camp.

What is wrong with Akash? Why is he behaving in this manner? Has the channel briefed him to do so?

Is that a brief given to him? I don’t really know. If Akash had behaved like this in real life, I would have nothing to do with him, but that is a game that we are playing? Is he playing the game? Is he acting like that to gain votes and TRPs? I don’t really know, because out of 10 people in the show, at least 8 of them are playing a game.

What have you learnt from your entire jungle experience?

I definitely got to get in touch with my spirituality, my religion, and I, which we have taken for granted. You realize life is simple living in jungle, which is healthier. Margaret Thatcher said a very good saying ‘In politics, if you want anything done ask a woman, if you want anything said ask a man’. I think that aptly applies to jungle.

How did you manage to stay cool? You never really got angry or irritated.

When we live in Bombay we lead a very stressful life and we have high salt diets, which increases one’s blood pressure. Generally we make life more stressful. There were no food or salt diets in jungle where automatically pressure went down to almost below normal and that was very good.

What was the first thing you ate when you got out?

When I got out I had to wait in a resort in jungle for two days, because I had injured my back again. I only had a cup of coffee. I had my first good meal at home. I had some great prawn chawal, mutton biryani, chicken cutlet with lot of champagne.

Was it disorienting when you reached home?

It was a mixture of feelings that all came rushing to me. Because it’s all about your family, wife, children, I think the entire experience has been hard on my wife as she had to handle the responsibilities alone. I think it was ‘ Mujhe Iss Ghar Se Bachhao’ because after we spoke I realized that it was a tough time from paying bills to running around, doing all the work. It was much easier to survive in jungle than for her to survive at home.

-Chandana Buch/ Sampurn Media

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