Man eats dog’s heart to ‘prevent rabies’ after bite’

Ranchi, Feb 28 (IANS) A labourer in Jharkhand, who was bitten by a street dog, killed the animal, cut out its heart and ate it to protect himself from rabies.

After the dog bit him Saturday, Chukna Ganju, 30, a resident of Dakra village, on the outskirts of Ranchi, caught hold of the animal and killed it by flinging it on stones, local media reports said Sunday.

When the dog died, he removed its heart with the help of a pair of scissors and ate it raw. The dog had bitten him several times during the course of being killed.

‘Now, there will be no effect of rabies on my body,’ Chukna was quoted as saying by the local media. According to him, he did not need medical help as he did the treatment by eating the heart of the dog.

The dog had bitten seven people of the village in the last one week and the villagers had been terrorised by the animal.

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