Mallika’s brother gets protective

Mallika Sherawat’s older brother, Vikram Lamba, got a little protective of his younger sister on the sets of Hissss. He blasted the crew for making Mallika wear a skin-coloured, flimsy bikini.

The shot was being done on a dark, cold night. Director Jennifer Lynch’s plan was to take Mallika’s close-ups and full body shots of a naked body double. Mallika had to lean on a branch.

However, Vikram, one of the producers of the film, walked in and shouted at the crew to stop the shooting. The body double ran off to the vanity van while Vikram exploded and told the crew members that Mallika would not wear such a bikini.

Vikram’s co-producer on the film, Govind Menon, tried to make Vikram understand but the latter remained stubborn. The shooting came to a halt for more than two hours as the producers fought.

While Mallika told her brother that she was ok with the outfit, he still didn’t relent. It was only when her bikini was replaced by a longer, skin-coloured bikini which was better than the previous one that he finally agreed.

Though Rakesh Rathore, the executive producer of the film, denies such an incident, it has been confirmed by sources.

– Sampurn Media

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