Malaysian animation film comes to India

Mumbai, June 26 (Calcutta Tube) After smashing box office records in Malaysia, 3D animation film ‘Geng’ will become the first Malaysian movie to get a commercial theatrical release in India when it opens here in the last week of July.

‘This movie is one of the biggest blockbusters in Malaysia and this is the first ever launch of a Malaysian film in India. So, for us it is getting the Malaysian culture into India,’ Aneesh Singhal, chairman, Ken Films told IANS.

Ken Films along with the producers of the film are bringing the film to India.

‘Geng’ is the story about Upin and Ipin, who along with their friends unfold the mystery in the scenic village of Balipur.

The film released in Malaysia last year in February.

‘We started making the film in 2006 when a few university graduate came to me,’ said Burhanuddin Bin Md Radzi, producer of the film.

‘We did not employ any foreign experts for the film, it was all done by Malaysians. We made the film on a budget of roughly $2.5 million,’ he added.

When asked why they think a Malaysian animation film has the potential to do well in India, Singhal responded: ‘Though it is a Malaysian movie but we have planned its release in a way to make it a global product.’

‘The film has an Asian feel… When you watch the film, you’ll see many Indian characters like a Sikh and a Tamilian,’ he added.

‘This movie is very different from other animation films. Usually other animation films are more based on mythological characters in India. But this movie is based on promoting Asian and Indian culture,’ he added.

Radzi also revealed that animation was not big in Malaysia but after the success of ‘Geng’, it has really picked up.

‘Animation was not so popular in Malaysia earlier, but now after the film, it has become a rage. Our film was so popular that we are also making a 42 episode TV series on it,’ said the producer.

When asked about the potential of animation films in India, Singhal said that the industry is quite big here and ready for innovations, and that is the reason why they want to bring animation films from various parts of the world here.

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