Malaysia to support India for permanent UN Council seat

Malaysia has indicated that it will support India’s candidature for a permanent seat in an expanded, reformed United Nations Security Council.

According to sources, the Southeast Asian nation gave this indication during the state visit of Malaysian Prime Minister Mohammed Najib Tun Abdul Razak this week, which was a nuanced change from its previous position.
This was also reflected in the joint statement released Friday, which said that both countries were cooperating at the United Nations "for the early realisation of comprehensive United Nations reform, including the Security Council through expansion of permanent and non-permanent categories reflecting the contemporary realities".
Malaysia had so far expressed unambiguously that while the United Nations Security Council needed to be reformed, it must eventually move towards abolition of the veto.
India, along with Brazil, Germany and Japan, have been campaigning for reform of the United Nations Security Council, especially expansion in the permanent seats.
But, the issue is a controversial one, with United Nations members still debating on how to approach the issue of the Security Council reform.
The joint statement reiterated that both countries should intensify regular contacts, as well as consultations between both governments on all regional and international issues.
Both sides also decided to work for Comprehensive Economic Partnership in East Asia (CEPEA).
India and Malaysia signed three deals during the visit – an extradition treaty, memorandum of understanding for cooperation in higher education, and a capital market collaborative agreement.

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