Madonna-Lady GaGa end fight kissing each other

Madonna and Lady GaGa, the world renowned singers end their fight that came on TV live by kissing each other.

Madonna-Lady GaGa end fight kissing each other

Queen of pop Madonna and English singer Lady GaGa indulged in a catfight which went live on the TV on Saturday. It went as far as leaving the viewers astonished after the two.

It was a star-studded ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Ryan Reynolds hosting and his wife, actress Scarlett Johansson playing his comedy spouse in a skit about a family porcelain fountain firm.

The performance of the two female singers, who were showcasing a synchronized dance-off, dressed in matching black lingerie and knee-high boots for the comedy skit on ‘Saturday Night Live’, came to an end when Madonna pulled the wig of GaGa yelling “What the hell is a disco stick?”, in reference to GaGa’s hit.

The fighting pop singers had to be separated with intervention from fictitious MTV show ‘Deep House Dish’ host, but the war of words did not end there.

GaGa, who is the show’s musical guest, said: “Guess what Madonna, I’m totally hotter than you.”

The Pop Diva replied: “Hey guess what, I’m taller than you. What sort of a name is Lady GaGa; it sounds like baby food.”

The skit came to an end with the pop singers kissing each other.


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