Madly Bangalee (2009) Bengali Film Review

Madly Bangalee – the Anjan Dutta’s latest Bengali film is based on Rock Music. Anjan Dutta is known for his unique view of films and the Madly Bangla Bangla Cinema is sure going to make lot of Bengali music lovers crazy. CalcuttaTube visited the music release of the Madly Bangalee. The film is all set to release in 29th of May, 2009.

Madly Bangalee (2009) Bengali Film Review
Madly Bangalee – the Anjan Dutta’s latest Bengali film is based on Rock Music. Anjan Dutta is known for his unique view of films and the Madly Bangla Bangla Cinema is sure going to make lot of Bengali music lovers crazy. CalcuttaTube visited the music release of the Madly Bangalee. The film is all set to release in 29th of May, 2009.

Press Coverage by CalcuttaTube Reporter: Moumita Sarkar

anjan-dutt-sang-koto-ki-korar-chilo-Madly Bangalee
anjan-dutt-sang-koto-ki-korar-chilo-Madly Bangalee

Director – Anjan Dutt
Music by – Neel Dutt
Produced By – Namit Bajoriya
Co- Produced By – Kalyan Sarkar
Cast- New comers in lead role – Kanti as Pablo, Anubroto as Benji, Tanaji as Neon, and Sumeet as Baaji. In addition, female new comers are Rosni as Joy and Anushuya as Tanya. Other co actors are Anjan Dutt, Shaswato Chatterji, Shiddhrto Chatterji, Biswajit Chokraborty, and so one.

Storyline – Pablo, Benji.Neon, and Baaji are member of a band. They have been suffered for many problems for their band.

Key point – The first Bengali Rock musical film.

Music- ‘‘I do any thing for u’’ lyric by- Anjan Dutt, Sang by- Rupam Islam.
‘‘ke aacho kothay’’ sang by – Nochiketa
‘‘mere moula’’ sang by – Arko.
‘‘somay’’ sang by – Tanya.
‘‘koto ki korar chilo’’ sang by – Anjan Dutt.

Release Date – 29 may.

Madly Bangalee (2009) Bengali Movie Review
Reviewed by CT journalist: Anirban De
I just don’t know how to express the varied emotions that blended all too well in bringing to life the music mania that has been haunting the Bengali rock crazy cult through the ages. Labelled ‘adult’ for some scenes that could have been more subtly handled, the rest of Anjan Dutta’s ‘Madly Bangalee’ is no doubt more than a mere tribute to the passion of rock and Neel Dutt compliments the passion by compiling an ensamble of entrancing numbers enriched by the voices of Anjan Dutta himself, Nachiketa, Rupam Islam and Arko – the later’s ‘Mere Maula’ being the most captivating of the lot. Indraneel Mukherjee’s cinematography adds up to the romance and the music crazy Calcuttans will surely keep all the cinema houses filled to its brim during the coming weeks.

The Storyline of Madly Bangalee
The story is about a pack of four rock crazy boys – Pablo, Baaji, Neon, Benji – and their dream of forming a Bangla rock band ‘Madly Bangalee’ with a crazy self-proclaimed manager in Sam and Bobby’s garage as their sole practice place.

  1. Pablo, the son of estranged parents was the foremost in forming this band but his complex ego seemed to be the main obstacle in its evolution.
  2. Baaji, a slum dweller with a brother in Sultan getting arrested for his probable links in the Bombay blast, always suffered from the complex of being a Muslim but was made wise of the aspect of religion in art by Sam in one of the most moving scenes of the film.
  3. Neon’s father, an unemployed electrician and an alcoholic had a wife cherishing for a role in group theatres amid her household chores and a salaried job. Thus squabbles were the order for the day for Neon who found the only solace in strumming the base for the band when not indulging himself in drugs.
  4. Benji, the most confused of the lot seemed to bring in trouble in the form of his affairs with his near adult girlfriend Joy, the daughter of a widow mother who while on the one hand was afraid of losing respect by her daughter’s misbehaviours but ironically didn’t found anything wrong in maintaining a steady relationship with an unmarried man.

Thus the four used to vent their musical passion inside the four walls of the garage but that too seemed to be under threat of being bulldozed by the local goon Babu when a curious turn of events turned the table in the band’s favour. As the band was gradually taking shape under the guidance of Sam the later’s altruistic attitude was steadily getting on the nerves of the rest. So as the day of their first stage performace arrived there arose several unforseen events in between. Tania, oscillating between her decision of pursuing career in foreign land and continuing being the lead vocalist of the group, seemed to opt for the former and thus left the band in the eleventh hour and this again brought Pablo and Sam in a confontration forcing Pablo’s exit thus cripling the band completely. Thus it remained to be seen whether the ego clashes between Sam and Pablo gets the better of them or whether they could work out their differences and put up the performance that the band desperately needed.
In between this musical extravaganza the sub-plots as arranged by Anjan Dutt are the snippets of the Bengali lifestyle which delightfully encompasses the whole social strata and produces a fine show of support acting from the veteran brigade of Biswajit Chakrabarty, Saswata Chatterjee, Sudipa Basu, Pijush and Aparajita Auddy. Supriya Devi makes one of her rare appearances in this picture who fits to her role just perfectly while Lew Hilt as the mechanic Bobby also deserves applause in his role. But the best performance seems to come from the spontaneous dialogues of Chandan Sen as the mastan Babu and Anjan Dutt is refreshingly fascinating in his characterization of Sam. As to the new faces, Anushuya promises to have more potentials in store for the future with Tanaji, Roshni and Sumeet closely following while Anubrata and Kanti sometimes overacted a bit.
Thus the whole show does justice to the tagline ‘music, dosti and madness’ and is sure to keep the creative Calcutta crowd rocking with this first ever homage to the passion called rock.

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  2. madly bangali suru hoar somoy nam-porichoy gulo banglai dekhale aro khusi hotam…..r Anjan Da tomar cinema gulo kore cholo….ki porinoto lagche,khub sundor.

  3. khub bhalo laglo. bhevechilum Inox forum e eto daam diye ticket kine dekhbo posabe to. but this film deserves it. aabar dekhte iccha korche. DVD apekhai thaklum

  4. yes bangla movie sob nandan ey dekh uchit bnagla gondho paoa jay …… jayhok movie ta ekhono abdhi anjan dar best movie …………….exellent

  5. hallo anjanda,
    madly bangalee mondo na, bobyr sath apnar dance ar majhe majhe apnar golae mridu gaan besh lagchilo.
    kintu movie jure boro bisonnota. boro duhkher sur jeno.
    agamidiner jonyo ashar alo tobe ki?
    amar boto asha pete icha kore.
    apnar to art sense khub valo.
    din na anjanda, du ekta emon production ja ajker diner ebong agamidiner asha pawar moto kichu sur shonate pare amk amader aro anekkei.

    amar e-mail addressta dilam, jodi kichu communicate koren to khusi hobo.
    biplobi hawa, 16.06.2009

  6. anek kichui bolar ache bt lak of words to express, its pagla kore dilo,gaan gulo mon k jano chuye jachche akhono proti muhurte……..its d only movie je 3 hrs k anek kaam feel koriyeche bodh hoye golpo ta sara din cholle mone chobita ses hobar afsos hotona,bhaggis 1week r jonyo amar baglay giye chilam.

  7. its a good movie .. well put .. well directed .. clear with the objective behind its making .. and transparency of kolkata .. bengali outlook and their consensus .. music was decent , esp, with anjan duttas typical bob dylan influence and sharp lyrics.
    My fav. song .. ” koto ki korar chhilo re ” .. simple song with lovely palm muting and smooth riffing supported by typical country licks ! 🙂

  8. madly….anjan duttar bolbona….gota desher young band group der kache icon hoyoa utchit eta….rock on.jha chokchoke..but sai ghoti bati beche.reharsl er taka ba frnds jhamela samlano…kothai sekhane?r neel da abar fav….r dhormo nea j dialog ta ache…sekhanai prove kore…….anjan da r baki der theke koto ta aladaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. Ektu OverAct kora hoyeche koyek jaygay, rest is okay. Hats off to Chandan Sen, and as always Shaswata was awesome

  10. i got superabundance of emotion to see this film….every1 should see this movie at least once…its true! one (anjan dutta) literary genius only can create such kind of movie….kee it up!!!…n thank u boss.

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