Madholal Keep Walking-Subrat Dutta starrer film releasing August 27

Subrat-Dutta Exclusive Interview

August 25, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): Multilingual actor Subrat Dutta starrer ‘Madholal Keep Walking’ is all set to hit the theatres on August 27. The film has brought Dutta the Best Actor Award at the Cairo International Film Festival in 2009.

Subrat was surprised when director Jai Tank chose him for the role as the character was ten years older. “But Jai thought my looks would go with the character in the movie,” said Dutta in an earlier interview. The film with a moderate budget was shot in 27 days.

Subrat Dutta has quite a bit of films like RaktaCharitra, Ardhangini Ardhsatya, Blind Lane that are supposed to release in the coming months while his other Bengali flick Antim Swash Sundar starring Indrani Halder released in theatres just last week.

“Madholal Keep Walking is the song of a common man, a newcomer in town, one of innumerable people who live in city chawls. The film is about how this man struggles within himself to come out of traumas and tragedies. This can be a journey of any human being. Madholal is an ‘idenity’. It can be me or you or anyone and everyone you come across in your everyday life. The incident that happened to Madholal can happen to anyone. And how we react to come back to mainstream life is the theme of the film.

“It is a very emotional story. Madholal is a man devoid of any social and economic powers. People from this kind of background have to deal with the upheavals of their mundane lives without any support from anyone. They cannot afford the luxury of visiting a psychiatrist and things like that. And yet they do come back to their normal selves. It is the win of life over anything else,” explains Dutta.

According to Dutt, poverty has not been subject to ridicule in the film. “Even though the film is about the less affluent people of the society, the characters are present in the story with their dignity. The film does not make fun of the poor. It is rather a microscopic view of an individual’s struggle. Anyone can relate to this. The characters are very much real life characters with down to earth hopes and aspirations,” adds Dutta.

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– Shrabanti Basu

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