‘Macho Mustafa’ film title turns ‘Macho Mastana’

Kolkata, (Calcutta tube / IBNS): The title of the upcoming Bengali film “Macho Mustafa” has been changed to “Macho Mastana” to avoid hurting religious sentiments, director Reshmi Mitra said on Thursday.
The announcement was made at a media interaction where the director was present along with the lead actress of the film Pooja Bose.
The censor board has asked the makers to change the name as the “Mustafa” refers to “Allah” which is the Islamic word for God.
“Mustafa is Allah’s name. We can never use the term ‘Macho’ for god and its better not to hurt the sentiments of any religion. So we agreed to change the name,” said Reshmi.
When asked whether they faced any problem after the name change or not, the director said: “We had to face lot of problems after the name change. We re-recorded the entire title track of the movie.”
Talking about the film she said: “It’s a technically sound movie. It has entertainment value at the same time it has a realistic side.”
When quizzed about her reasons for picking actress Pooja, the director complemented her as “a cerebral actor” and said: “There is freshness in her and I think it is not found in every heroine.”
“She is bubbly and very good in crying scenes. And she is very figure conscious,” she continued.
“I like to work with people who are new in the industry,” the director added.
Pooja who is debuting in Bengali cinema through ‘Macho Mastana’ and has earlier worked in South film industry and Hindi serials said about her character “is a normal girl who is pampered and a little bit spolt”.
Talking about her look and experience in the film, Pooja said: “My look for the film has been kept in sync with the role, that of a today’s girl. Famous Bollywood designer Rohit Verma has styled my look for the film. She is vivacious, outspoken and epitomizes the young women of this generation.”
“Though I started off in television but it has been my ultimate desire to work in films,” she added.
Speaking about the character of the lead actor Hiran Chatterjee, Reshmi said: “In the film he turns macho not only physically but also mentally. His character is an inspiration.”
“And Pooja’s character is the strength behind his transition from a lover boy to a macho boy,” the director added.
‘Macho Mustafa’ turns ‘Macho Mastana’
(Reporting by Tania Roy)

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