Maa Amar Maa (2009) Bengali Movie Review

Maa Amar Maa (2009) Bengali Movie Review

Maa Amar Maa is a Bengali Film directed by famous entertainment master Haranath Chakraborty starring Hiran Chatterjee, Dipanwita, Ranjit Mullick, Sandhya Roy and Laboni Sarkar in lead roles. “Maa Amar Maa” is going to be the fourth film by newcomer Hiran in 2009. None of his earlier films including Chirasathi, Bhalobasa Bhalobasa or Jackpot (with Koel) did not do well in the box office. “Maa Amar Maa” would be a very crucial film for him. “Risk” and “Jiban Rong Berong” are two other movies by Hiran that are scheduled to release this year. “Ma Amar Ma” will be competing very hard with strongly performing “Challenge” and critically acclaimed “Chowrasta – The Crossroads of Love” by Anjan Dutta. Unless Haranath Chakraborty presents something better than he has been lately, the Bengali film may remain unnoticed to many.
Maa Amar Maa (2009) Bengali Movie Poster

Maa Amar Maa (2009) Bengali Movie Poster

Check the Trailer of the Movie Maa Amar Maa

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Release Date: April 17th, 2009
Director: Haranath Chakraborty
Cast: Hiran Chatterjee, Dipanwita, Ranjit Mullick, Sandhya Roy, Laboni Sarkar and more.
Producer: Rose Vallery Films
Presenter: Gauta Kundu
Music Direction: Ashok Raj
Lyric: Gauta Susmit
Screenplay and Dialogue: Monotosh Chakraborty

Released in the following movie halls in Kolkata/Calcutta: Bijali, Chhabighar, Minar, Elora, Mahua

Maa Amar Maa (2009) Hiran Chatterjee

Maa Amar Maa (2009) Hiran Chatterjee

What Hiran Says in His Blog:

Onek din por phire elam!Kichu din chuti niye chilam blog theke.Abar phire elam ekta bishesh dine.1416 bangabder ekkebare prothom dine. Aar songe niye elam Tollugunj-er supermodel heroine Dipannita ke niye amar notun chobi “Maa Amar Maa”.

Apnara amar ager charte chobi dekhechen,amay onek bhalobasa diyechen.Aaj ami jaa kichu ta sudhu apnader bhalobasa-r jonno.Tai apnader sobar subhokamona ebareo thakbe ei biswas rakhi.

1416 apnader bhalo katuk,anonde katuk, prochur majaa korun aar tar sathe oboshyoyi poribar-er sobbaike niye “Maa Amar Maa” dekhte asun.Promise korchi ei chobi amar ager chobi gulor motoi bhalo lagbe.Apnader sobbaike amar notun bachorer osonkkho subhechha, bhalobasa aar subhokamona roilo.Bhalo thakun.


More Videos from Maa and Maa
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The film is based on the relationship between a mother and the son ( Surya Chatterjee ). A film for the entire family to watch together and enjoy.

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13 Responses to “Maa Amar Maa (2009) Bengali Movie Review”

  1. Ankan Basu says:

    Any HIran’s Fan at CT?
    Come on Guys….I am sure some you have watched the movie! Share your comments.

  2. sutlej says:

    a very downmarket name ….. i m sure 50 % of the people wont watch the movie for its name .. its just lik a jatra title .. ok if its about mother son rltn it could be named only as ma … sounds decent .. wat was the need for… ma amar ma ..and more over poor quality camera , very boring songs .. i realy doubt this movie’ success ..

  3. sutlej says:

    ya but model dipannita is good …

  4. Ankan says:

    What you just said is a very important comment and I hope our film makers and producers are listening to you.

    The title of the film plays a very important role. Having melodramatic names like “Maa amar Maa” can be very detrimental to the cinema it self. It lacks the modern tint in it. Takes back to the days of “Baba Keno Chakor” days.

    Many of the recent Bengali films got trendy names – Jackpot, Challenge etc. Hope we could learn from mistakes and from important suggestion from Bengali movie lovers like you.

  5. ahana says:

    Dipannita patra is good
    but 1jon gladragsĀ  erokom ekta backdated film-e debut korlo?
    it was not xpected from her
    nd plzz stop doing this kind of films
    so poor quality

  6. The movie SUCKS bigtime. It is only my decency that is stopping me from using abusive language to explain the disgust and feeling of depression that has come over me after watching this pile of bulls#it. This does not deserve to be a part of our film industry. EVERYTHING IS BAD – from the acting, to the direction, to the hamming of the mother, the boring fights, the bad acting from model Dipannita, from Ranjit Mullick. Moreover, the film’s Maa – Sandhya Roy delivers the WORST performance of her old life. They should all retire together, along with Haranath or else die a painful death. Otherwise, nothing can stop our Bengali film industry from biting the dust.

  7. sutlej says:

    i support aditya and ahana completely …

  8. sutlej says:

    hey guys do u know anther film of ths category is about to release or have released … its a typical prosenjit movie nmd badla ..

  9. akther says:

    i need ma amar ma bangla flim please send

  10. plz sent me your address

    • Debashis Banerjee says:


      It’s Dipannita’s first film and what she has done is maximum. I am her classmate. We have done our MBA together. I know her very closely and she is very perfect in her work. Very Good Dipannita carry on.



  11. Common Man says:

    Dipannita is good as a model, not as an actress at all.
    Her skill in acting, dancing is very poor.

  12. nur says:

    all the best

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