‘Luv Ka The End’ music targets youth (IANS Music Review)

Film: ‘Luv Ka The End’; Music Director: Ram Sampath; Lyricist: Amitabh Bhattacharya; Singers: Ali Zafar, Aditi Singh Sharma, Joi Barua, Jimmy Moses, Krishna Beura and Suman Sridhar; Rating: ***

It’s hip, its zippy and its young! The music of Yash Raj Films’ upcoming venture ‘Luv Ka The End’ is wholly and solely packaged for the consumption of GenNext.

The album contains six tracks with mainly rock-pop feels.

The music album kickstarts with ‘Freak out’, which has already garnered popularity because of not only its music but it being the first song in Bollywood to use stop motion technology for the video.

Sung by Aditi Singh Sharma and Joi Barua, the rock-pop song is foot-tapping and moderately-paced. The whistle in the background is interesting and lends creativity to the track that basically talks about the various aspects and factors in the lives of teenagers today.

The next offering ‘Tonight’ by Suman Sridhar, a slow, dreamy song about a young girl in love, has an undercurrent of jazz in the composition. Suman has crooned the song in a very different way making it stand out. A pleasing, entertaining number.

Then comes in the title track of the film ‘Luv ka the end’, effectively playbacked by Aditi Singh Sharma.

The song’s basis is revenge that a jilted girl wants to take from her ex-lover and hence it is full of energy, epitomising her pain, angst and anger.

Rock elements are predominant and it is pacy with a strong orchestration. Aditi’s brilliant vocals give the song a character and make it a track to look forward to.

Next in line is Krishna Beura singing the weirdly titled track – ‘The mutton song’.

This is an item number with a difference, not only because of its quirky lyrics but because the video will see a man, instead of a woman, shaking a leg on the song, wearing a woman’s attire.

The qawwali with a contemporary twist makes its presence felt because of its out-of-the-box lyrics and sounds. Not one that will have a long shelf life but will definitely raise eyebrows for a few weeks.

Ali Zafar then steps in to croon ‘F.U.N fun funaa’ that starts with a bang. It is zippy, peppy, young and has both English and Hindi lyrics. The music is strong and Ali’s voice blends in, making the sounds to stand out more. A fun-filled number.

Then there is ‘Heppy budday beybee’, which is not a song but just a couple of eunuchs wishing the girl in the film.

Ram liked the thought so much that he made stand-up comedian Jimmy Moses render this and incorporated it in the music album. It is less than a minute.

On the whole, a good soundtrack that will be accepted by its target audience – the teenagers. It’s got all the elements to appeal to the younger generation, from the music to the vocals and the lyrics.

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