LUKOCHURI (2010) Bengali Movie Review: starring Jisshu Sengupta

Bengali Film Review: LUKOCHURII – NO GAME FOR THE AUDIENCE: Lukochuri is a 2010 Bengali movie directed by Wrishi starring Jisshu Sengupta, Rudranil Ghosh, Rajatava Dutta, Nitya Ganguly, Senja Chakraborty and Debarati. Read the Exclusibe CalcuttaTube review and add your comments.

Cast and Crew:

  • Banner: Jagadamba Productions
  • Direction: Wrishi
  • Story: Mitali Rakshit
  • Script: Padmanava Dasgupta
  • Editor: Snehasis Ganguly
  • Cameraman: Manas Ganguly
  • Music: Rahul
  • Cast: Jisshu Sengupta, Rudranil Ghosh, Rajatava Dutta, Nitya Ganguly, Senja Chakraborty and Debarati
  • Date of Release: June 11, 2010
  • Rating: 1/10

Lukochuri Review

Lukochuri Jisshu and Starlet
Lukochuri Jisshu and Starlet

Having watched Lukochurii, an apology for a feature film, this critic cannot help but wonder where the loolah is coming from to produce these kind of films and more importantly, why? Such films pull down the average rating of the normal Bengali mainstream film. Jagadamba ProductionsLukochurii directed by Wrishi no has heard of before, is a classic illustration in point. The story, what little there is of it, is about two buddies who make their living out of thieving. One of them, Joy (Jisshu Sengupta), has a colourful designer wardrobe though he is not very successful at his light-fingered profession. His friend and partner Subho (Rudranil Ghosh) has a slimmer wardrobe but is equally stupid. They jaywalk the nights along the deserted streets of Sahapur Colony in Kolkata, tipsy till their teeth.

Lukochuri Jisshu and Rudraneel
Lukochuri Jisshu and Rudraneel

But two failed and drunk thieves cannot be the heroes of any commercial film. So they are gifted with golden hearts by the writer and the director. Subho forces Joy to return the Rs.4 lakh they have robbed from the cupboard of one of the heroines whose father with a huge tummy, is a cancer case! To make things more exciting, we have this villain called Woolpakano (Rajatava Dutta) with his team he has christened Jama the Tericot. We first meet him walking out as if, from a Shakespearean play wearing a white silk shirt with frills down the button line, curly shoulder-length hair and riding habit He keeps switching his disguises so often and so funnily that one thinks why the writer chose to make him a terrorist instead of making him a joker. This Woolpakano guy needs lots of loolah to destroy all the three-star and five-star hotels in Kolkata. So he decides to kidnap the ten-year-old congenital-heart-problem boy of the local DSP to demand a ransom. See, even Woolpakano knows that the DSP is sticky fingered enough to dish out a huge ransom! Joy and Subho, who find the boy on the landing in a building site under construction, they decide to rescue him even it means risking their lives when they learn that Woolpakano intends to use the boy as a human bomb in his nefarious plans.

Lukochuri Rajatava-Bengali Film Lukochuri
Lukochuri Rajatava-Bengali Film Lukochuri

Talented actors are as bad as they can possibly be in this film that makes no demands on high production values such as good cinematography, meaningful editing or creative production design. Even the background music is so bad right through the film that one wishes one had brought ear-plugs to the theatre. The two new ladies offer equally poor histrionics and visual appeal. Bharati theatre in south Kolkata, where Lukochurii was released, is the worst possible theatre in the city for any director to have his film premiered here. There is tremendous labour unrest with posters painted in red crying for justice for the permanent staff. What does this have to do with Lukochurii? It has a lot to do The unhappy theatre staff has decided to switch the fans on and off and the AC within the theatre too, and what happens to the thin audience is none of their business. The projector is in really bad shape because the entire film is out of focus. It is difficult to find out whether this is due to the cinematographer’s lack of skill or whether this is because the projection man is playing tricks. The acoustics makes it difficult to get to the dialogue though this hardly makes any difference to the status quo of the final output in this film. Padmanava Dasgupta’s screenplay is unbelievably amateurish and full of holes. Was he not paid his honorarium and decided to avenge this through his half-hearted script? One can only guess.

How did I learn the story? The answer is simple – from the press handout the P.R. lady gave us. The sole saving grace of Lukochurii which means a game of hide-and-seek is Rajatavo Dutta in his colourful getups as Woolpakano. The child actor does a plagiarized version of the kidnapped girl in Badhshah. But his is not half as good as the little girl’s performance. The blame lies totally at the director, the scriptwriter and the writer’s door. Nitya Ganguly, a very good character actor, is reduced to a cartoon of a local politician. The bad script lets him down – literally. Jisshu Sengupta and Rudranil as the bosom buddies have given the worst performance of their career. When the interval began, an actor from the film, sitting in the row behind, bent forward to ask the press in a whisper to run away. The clever ones did. The stupid ones, like yours truly, did not. The rating of one this film gets is solely because of Rajatavo who tries to add life to a character that has none. The film has no peek show, no item song or dance numbers, no sizzler scenes of love, no vulgar dialogue. But then, whoever said it is a film?

by  Shoma A. Chatterji

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    1. yeaaaa i watched dis movie last night ,,,dis ws so good ,,,i realy enjoyed it..but also become very sad because of watch it once again…thnx to director ,producer and all lukochuri team..specialy jisshu.rudronil and roneyda….

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