Love Story (2008) – Bengali Movie

Love Story (2008) – is the latest Bengali movie featuring newcomers Anshuman and Varsha directed by Raj Mukherjee. Another love story All for – tomay ek glass doodh debo, tumi amay ek glass doodh debe, tarpor amader ekta doodher moton bachcha hobe

Love Story (2008) – Bengali Movie
Released on :     28 November 2008
Language/Type :     Bengali /U/A
Cast: Anshuman, Varsha, Kharaj Mukhopadhyay, Tapas Pal
DIRECTOR: Raj Mukjerjee
Music: Joydeb Sen
Love - Story (2008)
Love - Story (2008)
Best Dialogue:
Aami tomay ek glass doodh debo, tumi amay ek glass doodh debe, tarpor amader ekta doodher moton bachcha hobe – read the review by Saionee Chakraborty at T2 -Hilarious!

Year 2008 has been superb for “romantic love films” in Bengali movie industry in Calcutta Tollygunge. As we are coming close to the end of the year, we are also presented another love story by director Raj Mukherjee – “Love Story” starring newcomers Anshuman and Varsha. Anshuman plays “Saheb” while Varsha portrays “Nandini” – are the central character in the movie. In the film they were actually born in the same nurshing home on a same beautiful day! But the destiny for the two newborns are different when the started counting days in their life. Saheb lost his parents in a car accident and raised by Pagla Baba (Dome in Burning Ghat). Little Saheb is actually thrown out of the auto by his mother just before the accident as she was trying to save Saheb! Little Saheb had no injuries! Saheb faces poverty. Saheb is growing up in peace with the Dome when out of no where Tapas Pal arrives in the film! His sister reports pregnancy due to pre-marital sex with her boss Mithun Dutta. Mithun Dutta denies. Tapas Pal’s sister committs suicide! Mithun Dutta is again Nandini’s uncle. When Tapas pas is burning his sister at the burning ghat, the Dome who recovered Saheb, offered Tapas Pal to take the responsibility of the child! Tapas Pal accepted Saheb as his brother and made his best friend Gajanan (Kharaj Mukherjee) his regal guardian. Finally Tapas Pal kills Nandini’s uncle to go to jail

On the other hand, Varsha grows up in a wealthy family and does not face any bitterness of life. The two young people fall in love with each other eventually. Saheb has four friends who constantlt tried their luck with four friends of Nandini also! So, Nandini’s parents get real angry about the relationship. Nandini elopes and marries Saheb. Saheb formed a Bengali Band for earning with Nandini and few other friends. Nandini becomes the vocalist in the band. They are doing pretty good when Tapal Pal comes out of the jail. Nandini indentifies her uncle’s murderer. Problem begins. Nandini and Anshuman decides to file divorce. However director Raj Mukherjee manages to end the movie in union.

This is probably the worst romantic film made in Tollywood in 2008. Anshuman and Varsha are good looking but desperately require acting lessons. Some of the songs are okei. Tapas Pal is present for very short time in the movie. Kharaj is the only person to look for.

15 thoughts on “Love Story (2008) – Bengali Movie

  1. I totally diagree with the tag that has been attached to this movie. I found this movie worth watching. Love Story’s songs are also melodious. “Mon Jete Chaiye” is a lovely song.

    This movie is certainly very entertaining and has good comedy. The newcomers have done good job.

    Either you guys are misinformed or didn’t have enough time to watch the movie.

  2. Who decide the entire movie based on one dialogue?? Just happened to read the review of the movie at T2 by Saionee and looks like she didnt do her homework before writing her comments!! Surprising!!

    The movie is indeed hilarious because it makes people laugh –Kudos to the funny scenes where the four friends get together and makes the movie entertaining (not to forget the amazing Kharaj!!)

    At least I can justify my bucks at the movie, popcorns and drinks. I think its fun, light & entertaining. Go guys, give it a shot!!

  3. Well I watched this movie on the first day itself.I think this movie is a real entertainer. The songs are absolutely fantastic. It was a thoroughly good experience. The movie was worth each rupee that i spent on the ticket. I would recommend all my friends to go and see ‘Love Story’ and would even join them again.

  4. I was expecting my last comment to be visible but not sure why it did not appear here?

    Anyways, good to see the rating of movie going a little up. Guys the movie is atleast a one time watch. I don’t really care wht the reviews says…because its a personal opinion and one cannot decide the fate of a movie by one dailogue…Just want to add that its a good one with entertaining songs and good humor…

  5. Hello Guys,
    thanks everybody for such a positive feedback about the movie. We always encourage comments from the real movie goers.

    I always like the humour in T2’s reviews. I am waiting to find out what would the Anandalok magazine has to say about the movie in the upcoming issue!

  6. this movie is absolutely disaster.the hero looks like funtoosh and it is acomedy rather than a romantic movie.please stop bringing this types of heroes in bengali films.

  7. Welcome Susmita and others to Calcutta Tube.

    Ya, I don’t like the look of the hero either. However some other friends are arguing about the greatness of the movie.

    I am waiting for DEB KOEL release this friday!

  8. hey! i watched the movie, found it cute… there are really some nice n sweet moments in the film that stay back in your mind…pretty much how a love story should be like…

    I would surely recommend it to my friends …

  9. one advise Sushmita. Stop being so myopic in life..I think both the lead actor and the actress are very good looking.They have done an excellent work in the movie. And with due regards to your opinion, I think watching such fresh and smart faces is always a refreshing experience.If you are reading this Anshuman & Barsha–“u guys look grt together.looking forward to seeing more of u guys in the future soon”..

  10. i think sarvesh u dont have a perfect can u like the actor i dont get any link.he is looking like an actress rather than an actor.please dil pe math lo ok.

  11. Nice movie. The songs are hummable and there are some really funny moments in the film. Comedy is super and well timed. The new comers (actor & actress) were a pleasure to watch. They make a good pair. My friends and I had fun watching it!

  12. I am agree joining in the group..

    pls send me new realise song, move, love story, poem. etc.

    thanking you

    md. durjy_shak
    Hell: 01912-036798.

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