Love (2008): Jishu – Koel Mullick

Love (2008): Jishu – Koel Mullick

Casts: Jishu Sengupta, Koel Mullick
Music: Gautam Susmit
Producer: Ringo
Released on: 11th July, 2008

Love - Jisshu Koel Blockbuster
Love - Jisshu Koel Blockbuster
Love (2008): Jishu - Koel Mullick
Love (2008): Jishu - Koel Mullick

Short Review:

Koel Mullick is back again with Jishu Sengupta in another commercial Bengali Film “Love”. Jishu Sengupta is always very good at chocolate hero. Koel-Deb superhit “Premer Kahini” is still running in some movie halls. We wish a good success for this film.
This movie is still running is most of the major movie halls including INOX, 89 Cinemas, Fame Hiland, Prachi, Mitra, Ashika, Basushree, Mahua and other places.

If you have watched the film, please write a review for us.

Love- Jisshu-Koel Blockbuster Bengali Movie
Love- Jisshu-Koel Blockbuster Bengali Movie
Love- Jisshu-Koel Blockbuster Bengali Movie
Love- Jisshu-Koel Blockbuster Bengali Movie
Love- Jisshu-Koel Blockbuster Bengali Movie
Love- Jisshu-Koel Blockbuster Bengali Movie

54 thoughts on “Love (2008): Jishu – Koel Mullick

  1. koyel mullick was recently found in a hotel room with a foreigner sucking her nipples …..later on the full hotel staffs enjoyed koyel mullick getting fucked…..!!!!

    1. what do u just mean by a supid movie???
      if u hv ever flt 4 sum1 u will luv d film.
      it reflects that love is everything and….
      to luv a persn thr is no need of his physicl existence.

  2. just money waste……go and watch jane tu ya jane na and kismat connection….this two bollywood moovies are too good to see…..just go 4 it…u will love this 2 indi moovies…..and do not see bengali moovies these r shit………..

    1. u all r sick guys. dont know how to appreciate a gud job.
      right, jaane tu is good but luv is far betr.
      and my god did u just say dat u lik kismat konnection?
      u hv 2 b sick man!

  3. amar movie deke kaj nei vai..ami ei movie tar akta romantic song download korte chaichii but hochee na…jeta amar editing a kaj a korbo bujte parchii na..

  4. Koel is as usual the best in the movie. The best things with Koel are her sober and clean nature/look. It’s beacuse of the famous family background. She doesn’t look cheap like Swastika..

  5. Guys,
    Stop talking nonsense about Koel. Koel is one of our upcoming actress and we should appreciate and promote her acting and not gossip.

    As always, you will get back what you do. So don’t blame people like that. I am talking about all actors/actresses. Everybody try their best to give us the best and again, we should appreciate them.

    1. gooood!!!!
      thrs sense in wad u say. go on man encourage people and u will get encouragement too.
      i just dnt know how these people thnk??
      d u hv any idea????

  6. Hi, ami soumen, Ami Boi ta first day first show dekechi. Boi ta amar khub bhalo legeche. Jishu ar Koel ke Aai Boi tay khub bhal lagchilo. Boi er kahini notun, hoi to Jana tao Banglai to aage kokhono hoi ni tai aaro sundor legeche. Jishur acting fatafati legeche, Koel wonderful acting. ar ki bolbo sob mile to Bangla filmeri joy.


    1. It,s a nice movie.. jishu & koel done thir best job in this..
      Storyline is good, camera movement really nice..

      over all it’s good flim.

  7. Hi , I am Namrata,
    I have seen the movie Love , but i found tht it is the copy of the hindi movie Khwaish- starring Mallika Sherawat & Himanshu Mallick , so LOVE does not make any difference to me after viewing it . Ya coming to the actors , Jishu – as usual talented actor , koel was ok , not good – not bad .And coming to the songs segment , KHWAISH has much
    more soothingness in ears .


  8. Hi guys n gals……….
    Whoever is talking nonsense n shit about this movie n the acter actresses must stop now……n what the hell do u all think about ur self….do u guys know what is acting…? age jao oi rokom ekta cinema te main roll e eto superb acting kore dekhao then u can judge others…….n for NAMRATA…u know so much ….am stunned…wow what a wonderfull ovserver u r….but am extremly sorry to say NAMRATA u r  a very bad reader….eto kichu jano…hundi movie dekho….but eto famous wruter ERICH SEIGAL er eto famous story book ta poroni????so sad….mone hoy english bujhte paro na tai na…..If u get time then plsssssss u must read LOVE STORY….LOVE n ur fav movie KHAWAHISH was based on that book only………..

      these people r really too much.
      thnks 4 ur wrds.
      hope dey will understand(BUT THAT NEEDS BRAIN…DONT U THINK SO…HAHA…HAHA…)

  9. Somproti ei cinemati dekhlam. Chena golpo notun saje poribeshon kora holeo amar eii cinema bhalo legeche karon eti bangla cinema-r akgheye bhai-bhai ba sasuri-bou er jhogra, sompotti niye lorai, kimba sosur-jamai dondo eisob porichito kathamor baire. gan, sur, bhalobasa, jugopojogi songlap sob miliye akti mishti somoy upohar diyeche dorshokder. erokom cinema aro dekhte pele bhalo lagbe. koel ebong jishu dujonei chorito duti bhalo futiye tuleche. sei songe prosongsha korte hoi onnyo soho-obhinetader.

      tobe ekta katha bolbo….plz bhebona thatta korchi.
      tomar lekhay bhalo banglar ekta choa pelam….bhalo laglo…aaj kal banglar ja abastha hoyeche….ba bangalir ja abostha hoyeche..tate sobai sobai k copy korte basto…asol bangla ascent ta hariye jachche. setake dhore rekho…

  10. The movie was Awsome, i m from delhi n i always feel bengali movie r boring,but this movie make me wrong.D movie was faboulous. Jishu & Koel done a fantastic Job.

  11. I saw LOVE 2 times,there koel luking very swt,thus her nature s very good.I want 2 say dat koel s much better actress than swastika mookherjee.

  12. Sobai k dekhlam KOEL-r joijoikar korte.
    no doubt she is gud. bt whrs JISHU gone???
    guys, amar mote dis is one of his best performences. he was superb, fab, and lots more.
    bt main thng…HATS OFF TO RINGO!!!
    grt job dude.
    thnks 4 such a beautiful film….

  13. vai/bon…tomara ahetuk boka boka torko koro na..jar koyel mallik valo lage se or film dekuk r jar valo lage na se dekbe simple yaar……….[:)]

    1. vai/bon…tomara ahetuk boka boka torko koro na..jar koyel mallik valo lage se or film dekuk r jar valo lage na se dekbe simple yaar……….[:) tumi boka boka torko koro na..amar sathe


  15. I watch this movie many times. This is one of the favourite movie of mine. The movie them is remarkable near me. And songs are osume. Actually i think it one of the best movie in my collection of movie.

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