Look who is back in Bigg Boss!


He is bad, he is blunt, he is shrewd, the most hated and he is back…

The controversial KRK is back on the show and this time he is prepared to strike back at those who lead to his ouster. If you have watched Bigg Boss regularly you would have known how troublesome Kamaal was because of his mannerisms and attitude.

The housemates were relived the day he was thrown out of the Bigg boss house due to his irrational fight with Rohit. But looks like Bigg boss has something different in mind, he plans to send the man back into the house.

We have all heard him brag about his lavish lifestyle and keeping that in mind Bigg boss decides to send him in the house with style… dressed like an astronaut he enters through the activity area only to see the smiles fading off everyone’s faces. No points for guessing the reactions of the inmates– they all welcome him with a baffled look and a fake smile!

-Sampurn Media

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