Look at Kangana at her B’day party


I looked at her and the first thing that came on my mind was my school days memory when I used to wear black colored shorts and dirty them up by the end of school. The thoughts came flashing back when I saw this female who came in a purple shirt and striped black shorts.

To tell you guys frankly first I felt like laughing my heart out as I excepted the birthday girl to come in a nice and neat full length (or even short would do) gown with a nice big fat necklace and earrings flaunting on her neck and ears, catching the attention of everyone present. But unfortunately it slipped out of my mind that I was going for Kangana Ranaut’s birthday party and I had to expect the unexpected. Guess I was right! I had to see the unexpected because I had to see Kangana Ranaut.

Now talking about her hair Well before continuing to read further please have another close up look at the picture provided (for you guys to laugh). She had done enormous curls on her hair which made me feel all the more sick. If I would have left a pin there, nobody would have been able to find it (except the shampoo) and yeah, off course Adhyayan too (the reason I don’t feel like mentioning, guess you people might have figured out yourself).

I don’t want to spoil my mood more because I have to keep looking at the pic to write more on the article. So short and sweet, I am sighing off. Just one line to sum up things, “the biggest fashion ****** till date by a Bollywood actress” -Sampurn Media

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