Living Among the Tides-Documentary film by Indranil Sarkar

Indranil Sarkar-Documentary Filmmaker
Indranil Sarkar-Documentary Filmmaker

Sept 22, 2010 (CalcuttaTube): ‘Living Among the Tides‘, a documentary film directed by Indranil Sarkar, is about the how intertwined life and nature is in the Sundarbans, the delta region in the southern parts of West Bengal.

The 19 minute documentary portrays rural life in the tidal belts of the Sundarbans, the role nature plays in the life of the humans, how tides can be life and death to the native dwellers.

Depicted from the point of view of an urban mind, the film with imageries portrays life in this primitive land starting in winter and ending in summer when a cyclone hits the deltas on 25th May, 2009. The devastating ‘aila’ took a large toll on lives and property in the mangrove region.

The cinematography is quite impressive and Indranil Sarkar has a decent job. However, the narrations were kind of repetitive in certain parts.

Indranil, an honors graduate from the University of Calcutta and a diplomat post-graduate in Computer Application from the Jadavpur University, started his career with films as a cinematographer with non-fiction television works and short films.

Indranil’s debut documentary film as a director was ‘The Worker for a Drop of Honey’ (2005) which was also based on the Sundarban areas’ honey collectors.

Indranil Sarkar has won several awards as a documentary filmmaker. His ‘Utopic Assassin’ (2006), a documentary on third world economy and narcotics, brought him the Best Film Award at the Nagpur Film Circle, 2008. His other film ‘Embryonic Journey’ (2007), on breeding process of crocodiles, won the Best Film prize at the Environmental Film Festival in Bangalore, 2008.

Romain Moitra and Madhura Sen have lent voices in ‘Living Among The Tides.’  Madhura has done a fabulous job, whereas the male voice over sounded quite monotonous.

Madhura Sen-Voiceover artist
Madhura Sen-Voiceover artist


Direction: Indranil Sarkar

Production: Sumon Majumdar

Narration: Romain Maitra , Madhura Sen

Sound Design: Debashish Dutta , Debabrata Chowdhury

Operative Cameraman: Shubhankar Mazumder

Underwater Camera Operation: Pratip Halder

Still Photography: Gargi De

Editing: Joydeep Mukherjee

Assistant Direction: Anusua Chatterjee

Executive Producer: Ratan Chandra Chandra


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