Listen to all but wear as you wish – Payal Rohatgi


Q. How do you define fashion?
A. I think it’s the change in weather. I would explain it in a way as while designer says that green is in vogue now; people wear everything in green only. If that style is fashion then people accept it as fashion only. But I think people must think of their physical structure before following any fashion or wearing anything. That’s what, I think, is the real fashion.

Q. Where do you generally buy your outfits from?
A. I usually buy everything on my way to somewhere; it may be a journey inside Mumbai or outside the city.

Q. Which brand of outfits do you prefer the most?
A. I mostly prefer to buy dresses of Roberto Kwali and Vasache. When I travel in any other country I like to buy lot of Armani pieces. I generally love to wear branded clothes as they fit on me very well. Branded clothes are like investments to me as I think that a heroine must have lot of clothes to deck herself with. It showcases our lifestyle.

Q. Do you go to any fashion shows?
A. I have not witnessed any of such shows recently.

Q. Who is your favourite fashion designer?
A. If you are talking about Indian look then I would definitely go for Manish Malhotra and Ritu Kumar. And if it’s a matter of western appearance, then my choice would be Rocky S.

Q. Which is your costliest outfit till date?
A. It’s really tough for me to count it now as all my dresses are quite costly.

Q. What do you consider to wear in a party?
A. It has to be something fashionable and simple as well as glamorous, too. I think that I am known for my fashion only and better I don’t ruin my identity by wearing just anything. We make the fashion statements, you know!

Q. What do you prefer to wear while you are home?
A. I feel relaxed in track suits and simple T-shirts.

Q. Is there any special colour that you prefer to buy?
A. To be frank, my personal stylist buys clothes for me. I don’t have so much time to shop my clothes. Besides, shopping is simply headache for me.

Q. Any fashion tips for our readers?
A. Do understand your physical status before wearing anything. Don’t copy anyone blindly. And at the same time listen to all but wear whatever you wish. And I think, that should be the proper punch line of fashion.

Rajnee Gupta (SAMPURN)

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