Lisa Ray to open yoga studio in Toronto

Mumbai, Jan 29 (Calcutta Tube) Marriage seems to be the last thing on actor Lisa Ray’s mind. Not only does she have big career plans for this year, she is also set to open a yoga studio in Toronto, the work for which is in full-throttle at the moment.

Yoga, it must be mentioned, provided Lisa with tremendous emotional, spiritual and physical solace during her prolonged illness and recovery last year. And now, she is ready to share her yoga knowledge with the world.

Lisa says there’s no room for marriage in her life right now.

‘This news has come completely out of left field. It was most unexpected! I’d love to clarify matters as I’m working on projects in India and don’t want my work colleagues out in India to get the impression that I’m not committed to my projects and work out there,’ she told IANS.

Asked about the status of her relationship with her faithful companion Brett Wilson, she replied: ‘The point is, marriage is not on the cards. The news that came out is unfounded. I am very good friends with Brett and I described marriage as an ‘imperfect institution’ to make light of the situation, not to make light of marriage.’

Lisa said she was excited about her projects this year.

‘I’m opening a hot yoga studio here in Brampton, Canada. There’s so much to look forward to this year. Every day is a blessing. I was recently at the Toronto Film Critics Association dinner where I was surrounded with love and compliments on my ‘second coming’ (the near-death illness).

‘I’m working on a kick-ass series for TLC. Finalising some film projects soon. Involved in another momentous stem-cell event in Toronto. Life is grand. I’m so blessed to live and work in two different worlds,’ she said.

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