Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina bans ex-husband Michael to see daughter

London, Oct 18, 2010 (Calcutta Tube) Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan‘s mother Dina has banned her ex-husband Michael from seeing their daughter because he has allegedly been spreading falsehood that Lindsay tried to buy drugs.

Dina alleges that her former spouse has been telling lies that Lindsay — currently undergoing rehabilitation treatment in Los Angeles — tried to buy drugs this week. She has now made the decision to cut him out of the actress’ life — completely.

Lindsay has been told of her mother’s wishes and she reportedly agrees with the decision.

‘Lindsay’s father Michael, my ex-husband, sold a totally untrue story saying Lindsay tried to buy drugs again. It’s quite simply nonsense. She hasn’t even set foot outside the Betty Ford Clinic,’ quoted Dina as saying.

‘It’s terribly sad that when Lindsay needs the support of her friends and family most, her father would betray her like this. For her sake and in the interests of her swift recovery, we feel it’s best that Michael has no contact with his daughter whatsoever. This has been discussed with Lindsay and she agrees that this is the best course of action,’ she said.

Dina, 48, has also ordered the staff at the Betty Ford Clinic to not let Michael see Lindsay for any reason.

‘We have spoken to the clinic and Lindsay has given instructions that Michael is not to be allowed access. She needs support and a calming environment at this time and his presence will not help matters,’ she said.

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