Lily Allen takes help to cope with depression since her miscarriage

London, June 2 (IANS) Singer Lily Allen is taking the help of a therapist to come out of the depression she has been suffering since her miscarriage in 2008. The ‘Smile‘ singer revealed that now she has learned to spot the symptoms when she is falling into depression and has taken a month off to consult with the therapist to cope with it, reports

[ReviewAZON asin=”B002S2M76S” display=”inlinepost”]’I work with a therapist on a regular basis. I’m quite capable of noticing when I’m taking a turn for the worse. Then I decide not to work for the next month, and I take time to concentrate on myself. I had to do that in January 2008 after my miscarriage,’ said Allen.

Allen, who vowed to retire from pop music, says she never lets negative thoughts come around her and knows how to get out of them.

‘I haven’t had to call my therapist recently but, if I felt there were repetitive negative thoughts going around in my head, I’ve had enough mental history to know to call someone for help. It’s negative thoughts about the world and things going on around me, I can generally write that off as a temporary bout of depression. But if the negative thoughts are about me, then it gets a bit more serious,’ added Allen.

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