Letter for Tihar prisoners to be checked

New Delhi Jan 17 (Calcutta Tube): Following the wake of blade attack incidents by intimates, the authorities of Tihar prison have decided to check all incoming and outgoing letters of prisoners.

According to the reports this step has been taken to prevent them from smuggling in any prohibited item.

Spokesperson, Tihar Prisons told Agence India Press. “All letters sent and received by Tihar inmates will be checked thoroughly before delivered to the inmate to see that they do not contain any weapon. Adding that “We will also check the content of the letter”

He said that strict instructions have been issued by the new Director General, Prisons, to check all letters.

Pertinently, Incidents of blade attacks by inmates were reported in August and September last year.

Last August, one of the accused in the Delhi blasts was attacked by an inmate with a sharp blade after returning from court hearing.

Agence India Press

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