Let other people copy you, but you don’t copy anybody – Sukhbir


Sukhbir, the Prince of Bhangra is back after six years of long gap. He is presently working on his new private album. After rocking the world with his hit song Ishq, Sukhbir’s new album will soon hit the market to rhythmically oblige people tapping their toes. Let’s check out what ishq he has to spread around this time!
Q. You are back after a long sojourn of six years. What were you doing all these days?
A. Well, I was working on a passion of mine i.e. my dad’s kirten album which took a long time for completion. My dad is a priest in the Sikh community, so I took some time off in doing that album which features Akshay Kumar in the video. Finally, after making my father’s dream a reality, I am back to my normal music life.  
Q. How are you planning to bring out this album?
A. We are releasing it with T-series and the audio part is been completed. Now we are planning to shoot the video, after which the marketing part will take place. I am really very excited about it and am desperately waiting for the public response once it gets released. I am very happy and glad to be associated with such a company.
Q. What are we going to hear in this album?
A. I think it’s going to be a possession of my own style. I have worked with many people, so I think the melodies are similar, but the theme is going to be different.
Q. What kind of music you like?
A. My range of likings goes from ghazals to quwallis to English pop, jazz, rock and all types of music. I appreciate all kinds of music; especially spiritual music.
Q. Who is your inspiration in singing?
A. I think there are host of many people including Michael Jackson, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and many others. So, these are the kinds of songs that I really associate with as well as local African artist and also there are people like Bob Marley. 
Q. Do you write your own lyrics?
A. I tried but my dad, who is a prolific writer himself, said that I don’t write up to mark. But I write, arrange, mix and compose my own music.
Q. If offered a role in a film, will you act in it?
A. Yes, I am looking forward to it. In fact we are in talks and maybe we might get into some sort of film production as well. I have never acted in my life and if I feel that I am up to that mark then why not. I would definitely do it.
Q. Besides singing, what other talents do you have?
A. My passion is flying. I am learning how to fly a plane and become a pilot.
Q. What is your mantra of success?
A. I think it’s hard work, because hard work really pays off. Be focused, don’t copy anybody, just follow your own style and stick to it. I think that can be defined as your own style. Let other people copy you, but you don’t copy anybody.

Sabir Rahman (SAMPURN)

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