Leave Her To Heaven (1945)

Leave Her To Heaven (1945)

Leave Her To Heaven (1945)
Leave Her To Heaven (1945)

Director: John M. Stahl
Writers: Jo Swerling (screenplay), Ben Ames Williams (novel)
Release date: 20 December 1945 (USA)
Genre: Drama/Thriller
Tagline: Hers was the deadliest of the seven sins.
Awards: Won Oscar. Another 3 nominations

Gene Tierney     …     Ellen Berent Harland
Cornel Wilde    …     Richard Harland
Jeanne Crain    …     Ruth Berent
Vincent Price    …     Russell Quinton
Mary Philips    …     Mrs. Berent
Ray Collins    …     Glen Robie
Gene Lockhart    …     Dr. Saunders
Reed Hadley    …     Dr. Mason
Darryl Hickman    …     Danny Harland
Chill Wills    …     Leick Thome

Calcutta Tube Review:

The story is a thrilling psychological suspense about a young woman, Ellen, who is so obsessed about the emotional relations with her most  loved ones, that she would not let any other social, even biological relations come in. Ellen meets Richard Harland, a young handsome writer while travelling in a train who coincidentally is coming to the same destination. Ellen falls in love with Richard, rejects her previous fiance, takes her engagement ring off, to the utter surprise of both the men, and shocks the audience as well. All these happens without any prior knowledge to anyone in the family, and Richard as well. She marries Richard who resembles her father in his looks. The couple gets married and happily starts their conjugal life. But that does not last very long. Richard’s physically challenged brother comes into their life and deserves a little bit of attention and affection from them. But Ellen could not even tolerate the closeness between the two brothers, and cold bloodedly lets innocent Danny get drowned. This incident leaves doubts in Richard’s mind because Ellen is an excellent swimmer, and leaves him unhappy and  gloomy. Ellen tries her best to make Richard happy and at last, gets pregnant. Her mother and cousin Ruth, happens to look after her during the pregnancy, but she could not even tolerate her own relations. Richard’s friendship with Ruth, going for shopping, and every activity in the household revolving around her unborn child, leaves her confused and doubtful about her importance in Richards life. She deliberately tumbles down the stairs and kills the baby in her womb. Peace prevails in “her” world for a little while, though the others still remain in bereavement from these deaths in the family. But soon she discovers that Richard has dedicated his new book to Ruth which fills her with hatred and suspecian. The bitterness in their relationship compels Richard to leave for Chicago. For the last time, to stop her husband get away from her, she poisons herself in a manner, and perfectly leaves all the evidences against Ruth and Richard.

The film is a wonderful one, amazes the audience with its breifity of the story, perfection in the cast, gorgeous indoor and outdoor settings. This was a very intelligent movie for its time. It won’t be a over remark to say that it is timeless.

Trailer of Leave Her To Heaven Exclusive at CalcuttaTube

Ellen in a sexy swimsuit
Cruel Ellen killing Danny

Mon Niye (1961)
Direction: Salil Sen
Story: Tirtha Chattopadhyay
Music Direction: Hemanta Mukherjee
Lyric: Mukul Dutta, Pulak Banerjee
Playback Singers: Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Hemanta Mukherjee
Cast: Uttam Kumar, Supriya Chowdhuty, Bikash Roy, Pahadi Sanyal, Jahar Roy, Chhaya Debi, Tarun Kumar and more

The film was redone in Bengali with a name “Mon Niye” where Uttam Kumar played the role that Cornel Wilde  played in the original movie. The story is almost similar to “Leave Her To Heaven” except for the double role of Supriya Chowdhury, who plays the role that Gene Tierney played in Original film. However, the original novelist was never credited in the Bengali version. In the English version, Ellen’s character was depicted more as a rouge while the Bengali heroine was shown more of a schizophrenic. Probably the Bengali audience of that time was anticipated to be unprepared to accept their heroine in a negetive role. The movie though had a lot of well-put musical sequences.

But whatever the approach was taken in either the East or the West, it was their love that killed their loved ones.

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