Learn humility, PM tells IITians

Kanpur, July 3 (Calcutta Tube) Learn humility and be broad-minded and tolerant. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh gave this advice to students graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) here Saturday.

Describing IIT Kanpur as ‘one of our top-most institutions of higher education’, he said the graduating students ‘will always have the self-assurance that comes with being educated at a great institution’.

‘But great institutions also teach you humility. They teach you the power of ideas. They teach you to be broad minded and tolerant and also to question relentlessly,’ he said in a speech heard with rapt attention.

‘They teach you that often there are many, equally valid approaches leading to the same goal.

‘I hope you have also learnt some of these lessons, which in some ways are more important than the knowledge and skills that you have picked up here,’ the prime minister said at the convocation ceremony.

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