Lawyer kills daughter, commits suicide

Lucknow, June 1 (Calcutta Tube) Unable to repay his loans, a lawyer here committed suicide after killing his daughter and seriously injuring his teenage son, police said Tuesday.

Prabhat Sinha, 50, attacked his children and hung himself three to four days back but the incident came to light Tuesday when his neighbours approached the police after a foul smell started emanating from his flat.

‘Before hanging himself, Sinha attacked his two children with a blunt object. While his 24-year-old daughter Shivangi died, his 14-year-old son Siddharth managed to survive the attack and was found in semi-unconscious state inside the flat,’ police spokesperson Anand Srivastava told reporters here.

‘It appears the incident took place three-four days ago. We are waiting for Siddharth to give his statement about the incident. Siddharth is being treated at a hospital,’ he said.

Sinha, in his suicide note, said he was taking the extreme step to evade harassment and action for not being able to repay his loans.

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