Last minutes of the ill-fated AI flight

Mangalore (Karnataka), May 22 (Calcutta Tube) From landing to plunging down a cliff – the last minutes of the Air India Express flight that crashed here Saturday morning killing 159 people:

– The Boeing 737 lands around 6.05 a.m., visibility is clear.

– Does not stop.

– Crosses the runway spillover area of 90 metres.

– Ploughs through a wall of sandbags.

– Veers off.

– One of the wings, probably the right wing, crashes into a concrete structure, technically called a localizer, that functions as landing aid.

– Wing falls off at crash point.

– Plunges 200/300 metres down a cliff.

– Catches fire after some time, leaving charred bodies, some found with seat belts on, according to rescue workers.

– Some time during the last minutes, a big crack appears in the plane’s body through which seven passengers escape. One of them a woman.

– A four-year-old girl rescued alive from the wreckage. She dies on way to a nearby hospital.

The last minutes of the Dubai to Mangalore flight were detailed by Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel at a press conference.

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