Laptop (2012) Bengali Film unveils music album

The music album of actor-director Kaushik Ganguly’s upcoming Bengali movie ‘Laptop’ was unveiled at the Chrome Hotel here on Tuesday.

Music director Mayookh Bhaumik, actors Churni Ganguly, Ananya Chatterjee, Barun Chanda, Gaurav Chakraborty and Ridhima Ghosh glammed up the event.
‘Laptop’ has been recently named for the prestigious National Award for best music.
There is no song in the movie other than a Laptop Theme Song which has been featured throughout the film.
Commenting on the theme song and award, Mayookh Bhaumik said: “There are no songs at all except the theme song that ties the entire film together. Laptop narrates four diversified stories and all of them are allied by this number.”
“I am overwhelmed to be the recipient of such an honour [National Award]. And it is not my award only; it is a token of appreciation for the hard work that the whole Laptop team has put in,” he added.
The album also features singer Anupam Roy’s “Proshner Dol” which has been composed only to be used as a promotional song.
Speaking about the movie, director Kaushik Ganguly said: “The laptop is not a catalyst in the movie rather it is the protagonist. It is very much alive because it has a memory that manoeuvres the story in this film.”
“It is the story of how a single commodity like laptop entangles different relationships,” he said.
In the movie Kaushik will be seen essaying the role of a blind person.
Talking about her character in the film, actor Churni Ganguly said: “I am playing Durba, a woman who looks proper, but somewhere she is alone. And because of some reasons she has learned to tackle that loneliness. Basically her character is very vulnerable.”
Actor Ananya Chatterjee is portraying the character of a girl who hails from a middle class family and works as a typist for a blind writer.
Young actor Gaurav Chakraborty introducing his role said: “I am playing Jion in the movie. He is doing masters in computer and for pocket money he teaches computer.”
Ridhima will be portraying the role of a college girl who doesn’t like studying and aspires to become a model and laptop plays an important role between Gaurav’s and Ridhima’s character.
The film is scheduled to hit the silver screen on Apr 13.

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