Lakshyabhed (2009)

Lakshyabhed is a Bengali family drama directed by Rajmukherjee. The movie introduces another new HERO JOY in Tollywood. Shastika plays opposite of JOY in the film. Lakshyabhed also features beautiful Rachana Banerjee with Tapas Pal, Sabyasachi, marvelous Locket Chatterjee and omnipresent Kanchan Mullick!

Lakshyabhed (2009)
Release Date: 23th January, 2009
Cast: Joy, Swastika, Tapas Pal, Rachana, Sabyasachi, Monoj Mitra, Kharaj Mukherjee, Locket, Pulokita, Neel, Kanchan Mallick, Monu Mukherjee.
Story: Sabyasachi
Directed by: Raj Mukherjee
Music: Kalyan Sen Barat
Produced by: D.M Productions
Executive Producers: Sujay Mukherjee, Sikha Mukherjee
Official Website:
Art Director: Samir Kumdu
Cinematography: Bakul Roy
Screenplay: Sadhan Pal
Budget: 65 Lakhs

Lakshyabhed (2009)
Lakshyabhed (2009)

Part of the films was shoot in Pattaya in Thailand. An 18-member team camped in Pattaya to shoot the sun and sand.

Brief from official Webpage:
“Lakshyabhed is a family drama, where the patriarch had two wives. Tapas Pal is the son of the first wife. From his second wife, the zamindar had two sons (Joy and Neel) and a daughter (Pulakita). The drama unfolds when we learn that the second wife’s brother is plotting against Joy because he is the sole heir to the property. He keeps Joy drugged and hence vulnerable. Tapas Pal, who loves Joy dearly, thinks his brother’s health might improve if he moved to their ancestral house in a village. The two brothers meet Rachana and Swastika under tense situations but ultimately romance blooms! Tapas and Rachana find out that Joy was being poisoned for so many years and seek help of Sabyasachi Chakraborty who runs a yoga and meditation ashram. Joy gradually recovers with the help of Sabyasachi’s efforts and starts leading a normal life. How they find out about the culprit, what they do to seek revenge is what Lakshyabhed is all about.”


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Shiwtime in Calcutta:


2:45 P.M., 5:45 P.M., 8:30 P.M.


2 P.M., 5 P.M., 8 P.M.


2 P.M., 5 P.M., 8 P.M.

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