Lady teacher forces class 2 kid to eat green chillies

Raipur, Feb 28 (IANS) A lady teacher in Chhattisgarh’s Bilaspur district punished a naughty class 2 student by forcibly stuffing several green chillies in his mouth and telling him to eat them, police said Sunday.

Seven-year-old Rishav Gupta’s father Saturday lodged a complaint with police alleging that teacher Shobha Jain stuffed green chillies into his son’s mouth over a minor mischief.

Salil Gupta, a resident of Gaurella area in Bilaspur district, said in the complaint that Jain, employed with a private school, punished Rishav Friday in the classroom.

Rishav was taken to hospital Saturday after his mouth developed a swelling.

‘Jain is being interrogated. She has admitted that she had asked Rishav to take just a bite of green chilli. The teacher has rejected charges that she forced the student to eat several chillies,’ thana in-charge of Gaurella police station M.P. Tandon told IANS.

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