Lady Gaga set to woo India

New Delhi, Oct 29 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) International pop icon Lady Gaga on Friday said she is all set to ‘impress’ her Indian fans with her performance at Formula 1 Grand Prix after-party on Sunday.


On Friday, Lady Gaga spotted a tricolour look with three small buns in green, saffron and white to pay her tribute to India as she attended a press conference here.


“It is great to be able to come to India, perform and meet my new amazing fans that are here. So I would like to say Thank You…my deepest gratitude and also I am most excited to meet all of you. The site-seeing in India are beautiful with the most beautiful people,” Gaga told reporters.


Gaga said she has worked very hard to impress her Indian fans.


“I have worked very hard. So I think that will impress my fans here. I have built a special stage for this show on Sunday…it is unique for India…it has never been done anywhere in the world before,” she said.


“I will also be incorporating all collaborations I did with my Indian DJs. I was dying to come here. So now that I am here I will put my whole heart into the performance.”


However, she did not reveal what’s her outfit is going to be, by saying: “I don’t want to spoil the surprise.”


Asked if she is planning a tour in India, she said: “I am looking forward to coming back here and can’t wait to see more of India and get to know more about the fans here.”


Gaga said amid all glitz and glamour, her family helps her stay grounded even today.


“I have a wonderful family and I love them very much and they always kept me very grounded. My father and mother were both the first two to go to college and graduate in their family. They worked very hard to provide the best education that my sister and I could ever dream of. So every day of my life is quite similar to many of the men and women around. I am just trying to make my parents proud.”


Gaga said her all time favourite classics are John Lennon’s Imagine and Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road.


While most of her songs are influenced by her love life, Gaga said her new album ‘Born This Way’ was inspired by her fans.


“The song was inspired by my fans. I was doing a show in Manchester. I looked out into the audience and I could tell that every one of them had spent every dollar that they made on their outfit, on tickets to make their way to the show…with my two records I have already created a lifestyle for them…and when I began to write ‘Born This Way’, the words came-I am beautiful in my way cause God makes no mistakes, I am born on the right track, I am born this way.


“The song is about believing in yourself no matter what. It’s about reincarnation…not the life after…but that you can be born again and again in your lifetime,” she said.


Gaga said she reads a lot of Indian spiritual guru Osho’s books.


“I read a lot of Osho’s books…and Rebellion is my favourite so far. It says creativity is the greatest form of rebellion. It’s important to stand up for what you believe in and fight quality.


“Quality is an important part of my life. Spiritual, political, economic qualities are the things that I seek from my country as citizen.”


Though she spots a flamboyant look in public life, Gaga says she’s like any other girl in her private life.


“My personal style every day is no special. I am like any girl… I wake up and put on things that will make me feel really good.  At times I get dressed by a beautiful Indian designer and half the time I am wrestling with others as I want to wear my old leather jackets…I am quite schizophrenic the way I am as a female.  But that’s okay. I can be one woman and a hundred women at the same time.”


Gaga said she prefers to push herself as much as possible when it comes to experimenting with music.


“My relationship with music is as experimental as possible. I am always thinking about how much I can get away with. Very often, especially in America, people find it hard to believe a young blonde writes her own music, plays all the instruments and sings all by herself.


“So for me, it’s like pushing the boundaries more than accepted…the subject matter, the inspiration…is all about woman power,” she said.


The F1 party will be hosted by Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal at Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort in Greater Noida.


Gaga arrived in India on Thursday night.


“I am finally here + what a dream come true. Performing at Formula 1 in INDIA, and my first day here I reached #15millionmonsters,” she had tweeted after reaching New Delhi.


“Were not in NEW YORK anymore Toto! This isn’t the #NewDeli, its #NewDelhi! We’ve come a long way since the lower east side. NAMASTE!” she posted on the micro-blogging site Twitter.

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