Kunal Bhatia-Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai-Interview

Explore actor Kunal Bhatia in an intimate interview.

Kunal Bhatia-Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai-Interview

Explore actor Kunal Bhatia in an intimate interview.

IIT-ian turned actor Kunal Bhatia is all set to deal with women emotions onscreen in ‘Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai’. Blessed to have two women by his side in the very beginning of his career, Kunal surely does not seem to be the gawky nerd one might typically imagine him to be. He gets candid in an interview and talks about his life, before and after ‘Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai’.

Tell us about your character in the serial.

My character’s name is Amber Raghuvanshi who happens to marry twice under some circumstances. First he gets married to a girl who he loves and then he is forced to marry another girl of his father’s choice. As his father is above everything for him, he could not disobey him and thus, agrees to marry a second girl who is from a very rich family. Otherwise he respects women sentiments. My brother in the serial is not at all caring toward his wife and Amber is the one who keeps cheering her all the time. He is also good to his siblings.

It is typical set up of UP, how much do you relate to the culture?

I am from Faridabad. So I was always in touch with the culture of UP. Only the difference is of language. I address myself as ‘main’ in real life but onscreen I say ‘hum’. Rest I am accustomed to everything about the show. Culture of multiple-marriage is still prevalent in UP; I have heard of men getting married thrice. It’s fine if the two cannot get along and separate to look for other partner, but generally they do it for the dowry. I strongly condemn the practice of multiple-marriages.

What have you been doing before acting?

I am a civil engineer from IIT Delhi. After my college I took up a job with an insurance company and continued for nine months. But as I always wanted to be here, I am finally here. I like the medium of story telling.

How did your parents’ react when you broke the news that you want to give up your stable job for acting?

My family was like why are you risking your career. I had to revolt and make them understand. As I was already earning good, so money was never a concern. I always wanted to be part of creative industry. Mom was little apprehensive, but she is happy now. After seeing promos she says ever since the time promos are on-air, I put on the TV whenever I miss you.

As you were in hostel, you must have definitely gone through the rigorous ragging sessions?

IIT mein ragging kaafi censored tarike se hota hai. That I can’t share with you’ll, but at times we use to dress up like phantom and were made to roam about in hostel.

Do you have any formal training in acting?

I don’t have any formal training but have done theaters during my college days. I participated in talent hunt show with Star Plus and thereby I got the offer. Best part of this field is you learn while you work. You will definitely mark a growth in my acting, episode after episode. Initially, I use to take many takes to do a shot but now, it’s OK in one or two takes. But yes, I would definitely take some training if needed.

Other than acting, what do you do?

I do write short stories, but haven’t done anything on a professional level. I play football and have also done river rafting. I want give a try to bungee jumping.

– TV Features and Interviews / Deepa Mishra/ Sampurn

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