Hindi Television star Krtitka Kamra alone in a train!


Beautiful actress Kritika Kamra who is currently seen in ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’ seems to have a connection with trains as she has encountered quite a few funny incidents while traveling in trains. Trains also had an important role in her first serial ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’.

“Sometime back I had made plans to go to Delhi by train with two of my friends and it was their idea to go by train as we could have fun during the journey but unfortunately, I boarded the train alone and they missed the train” recollects Kritika. That was the end of her plans of having good time with her friends during journey.

So, what happened when she was all alone on train? “While I traveled alone on the train my friends took a flight to Delhi and reached before me! They even came to pick me up at the station as they thought I would get angry on them but I got all the more angry and didn’t even speak to them for sometime!” shares Kritika.

The incident got repeated recently but this time Kritika was not to board the train, “Recently, I was not traveling but I had gone to see off my friends who were again going to Delhi by train and this time too they missed the train” laughs Kritika.

Kritika seems to be having a connection with trains as it has also shared screen space with her when her character Arohi unites with her lover Arjun (Karan Kundra) finally on a train in the last episode of ‘Kitni Mohabbat Hai’.

Well, Kritika next time let your friends board the train first or best is not to travel by train at all except for your shoots.

Chandana H. Buch / Sampurn Media

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