Kritika Kamra-Karan Kundra may not be together for Holi

February 25, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): TV actress Krithika Kamra is spending the Holi with her parents who are coming from her hometowm to visit her in Mumbai. Her boyfriend actor Karan Kundra however is scheduled to be on vacation and not be with her and her family in during Holi.

They are the hottest couple of the TV world, and have only recently confessed their love for each other. Now, after the declaration of love the newbie Romeo-Juliet were to have their first Holi together, but a rather un-dramatic twist in Karan’s life left Kritika high and dry.

Earlier, reported that Karan is off for a vacation to Dubai and the United States soon and Kritika is already grumbling about it.

Now it may so happen that Karan may or may not leave before Holi. But the chances are that he may leave as and when his arrangements are done and, if that is before Holi, then so be it. Kritika shares her sentiments and says, “I am trying my best all the time to make him stay back for Holi.”

So, will she be all alone this Holi? “My parents are coming over to Mumbai from my hometown to be with me on this Holi. So, I will be with my family. Also, I want Karan to be around so that Holi can be great with him and my parents,” says Kritika.

But what are the chances of the love of her life not going overseas? “Well, he has a few meetings lined up. Also, he has to make the most of his break and visit his family. Hence, as soon as his preparations are over, he will leave any day. Therefore, I have no idea on his Holi plans,” shares the pretty actress.

How badly does she want him to stay back? “I dearly want him to be with me on this Holi. I keep telling him to stay here as my family is going to be here. I have the responsibility to make them enjoy their stay here. Karan is my only moral support. I give him all such excuses,” laughs Karan’s lady love.

So, if Karan stays back, he will make Kritika’s day on Holi a happy one. She will be delighted to spend the day of Holi with her family and her beau, Karan. But everything depends on Karan’s vacation plans. Now whether he makes or breaks his attractive lady’s colorful day is only for time to tell.

-Chandana H Buch / Sampurn Wire

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