Kranti (2006)-Bengali Movie Review

Kranti (2006), Bengali movie by Ringo with Jeet-Swastika doesmt have exceptional story, but promises betterment in Bengali cinema on the whole.

Kranti (2006)-Bengali Movie Review-Jeet-Swastika

Kranti (2006), Bengali movie by Ringo with Jeet-Swastika doesmt have exceptional story, but promises betterment in Bengali cinema on the whole.

Direction: Ringo
Casts: Jeet, Swastika Mukherjee, Rajesh Sharma, Locket Chatterjee, Bodhiswatwa Majumdar, Alokenanda Roy, Biswanath Basu, Rishi Kaushik, Ashish Vidyarthi
Fight Master: Judo Ramu
Choreographer: JEET
Playback singers: Babul Supriya, Shreya Ghoshal, Sujoy Bhowmik, Aninda Das, Partha Sarathi Deshikon..
Lyrics: Pratul Mukherjee, Sugata Guha

Exclusive Calcuttatuve Review of Kranti:

Kranti (2006), Bengali movie with Jeet-Swastika duo is not any exceptional movie as far as the story is concerned. The same story that has been told numerous times by numerous directors. Still, when I watch Kranti, I see a betterment in bengali cinema for the following reasons:

  • Presentation of Jeet movies are always better (especially better than some Prasenjit Movies)
  • Jeet looks smart – he is also good at action scenes.
  • Ashish Vidwarthi’s presense in the film.
  • Ami Banglai Gaan Gai – by Pratul Mukherjee!!
  • Kiss scenes by JEET and SWASTIKA!! (matured for a mainstream Bengali movie!!)

The storyline is womewhat like this:

The story started with the old gold “no-job” situation for numerous jute mill workers. The owners living great and drinking wine while the old workers have to satisfy hunger with “muri and jol”. Bodhiswatwa Majumdar went to one of the owner and requested him to fulfill the demands by the works. The owner denied. Then we see a little boy in the movie. The boy was traveling with his dad Bodhiswatwa and was seriously injured in a road accident. Now, as we all know, poor Bodhiswata went to his owner, got 30000 rupees and singed papers that he should never have. Other workers, considering Bodhiswatwa Mukherjee a “ghushkhor”, tried to burn him to death. He somehow survived.

Then the story advances with a ’20 years later’ text. Jeet and Swastika came into scene. Jeet is an angry young man who can never tolerate crime. Swastika is a rich girl but thankfully her dad never pops into the movie to make things worse.  Anyway, Jeet and his family comes to Calcutta and Jeet goes to a nearby college for higher study where Ashish Vidyarthy‘s has been making disturbances. Jeet found a good friend in college and had some good fight with the opponents. Locket Chatterjee played a great role as “DIDIBHAI” who unfortunately got raped. (Locket is doing many rape scenes these days). Rajesh Sharma played the role of a good police officer, but his character is not very strong in the film. He was probably in love with Locket Chatterjee! Anyway, after multiple killings, including Jeet’s dad and his friend, Ashish’s brother,….there was a final fight scene where Jeet had to win and he won. The final fight scene should have been much better. As compared ot the other fight scenes in the movie, the last fight scene seemed bleak.

Swastika did a pretty nice job. Her raveling dress and hot kiss scenes with Jeet made her look even sexier! Music is overall okay with the special exception of “Ami Banglai Gaan Gai”. Pratul did not sing the song, but still it touched my heart. Overall, it was a good experience.

Positive side: If you consider this film bogus, you will have to consider 90% Hindi films bogus. That gives you at least one incentive to watch the Bengali film Kranti.

Calcutta Tube Rating: 3/5

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