KOYEKTI MEYER GOLPO (2012) Bengali Film Review – KEEP AWAY



Shoma A. Chatterji


  • Presented by: Dag Creative Media
  • Produced by: Algos Entertainment
  • Written and directed by: Subrata Sen
  • Music: Chandan Roy Choudhuri
  • Cinematography: Premendu Bikash Chaki
  • Audiography: Anup Mukherjee
  • Editing: Rabi Ranjan Maitra
  • Art direction: Amit Chatterjee
  • Cast: Subrat Dutt, Parno Mitra, Raima Sen, Tanushree Chakraborty, Locket Chatterjee, Mumtaz Sorcar, Mita Chatterjee, Santilal Mukherjee and others
  • Rating: 02/10


This is the first Bengali film that explores the intriguing world of girls in the escort service. “Escort” is a sophisticated term for sex workers, who serve an elite and classy clientele and must match their clients in personality, body language, dress, attitude, style and use of language. Escort girls are hired through an agency not only for sexual services but for other services such as accompanying the client to a business conference or on a trip abroad, or as a conduit to further the client’s business interests, and so on. The pseudonym ‘escort’ also implies very high price charged for services rendered. The USP of anonymity and high returns within a short span are the two attractions that pull girls from middle-class and upper middle-class societies to this escort service.


Unfortunately, the young girls in Subrata Sen’s Koyekti Meyer Golpo do not fit into the above description. The ‘agency’ that employs them is actually a ‘front’ for blackmailing very wealthy but stupid clients through sex. The girls therefore, present a colourful range such as Molly (Parno) who falls in love with Ashesh (Subrat Dutt) a blind writer almost at first sight. Another (Raima) is ditched by her boyfriend and inducted into the profession by the senior (Locket Chatterjee) who rescued her when she ran away from North Bengal. Her speech does not carry the accent of the place she comes from. Pooja (Tanushree), the most aggressive among them, flashes a pen-drive with dirty pictures to one of their stinking rich clients who at once shells out Rs.1 crore in cold cash. Molly tries to help a girl (Kanchana) who is sexually harassed by her boss, the same guy who shells out the moolah. She takes a digicam to shoot pictures of this boss with his secretary playing blind man’s buff in the arched garden of some hotel. The mafia head of the agency is married to a much younger beauty (Mumtaz Sorcar) who is uses drugs on herself and on unsuspecting newcomers and is bisexual by choice. One wonders why she rides around in a taxi. Her younger sister has a fantasy lesbian girlfriend and is also into drugs.


“What is going on?” I can hear you ask. Search me for I know not what is going on either. There is a terrible dance number in a discotheque followed by Pooja seducing a client with ulterior motives. In the end however, Parno gives up the profession because she has fallen in love with Ashesh and Pooja goes away somewhere. Chandan Dasgupta’s music sounds heavenly on the audio but loses the entire magic in bad picturisation. Acting by almost the entire cast is the saving grace of Koyekti Meyer Golpo which is neither here nor there because Subrata Sen’s experiment of breaking the linear narrative in terms of time is too forced, lacks cohesion and adds to the confusion. The commanding craftsmanship of ace technicians like Premendu Bikash Chaki, Anup Mukherjee and Rabi Ranjan Maitra has been put on the back-burner no thanks to the treatment and the approach. The opening song picturised on Siddhartha of Cactus is an eyesore and does not belong to the film at all.


It is really sad to see a talented director like Subrata Sen harbouring a warped idea about cinema in terms of form and content where text and context hardly make sense. However, the hyped marketing through utube and social network groups is drawing a full house in many theatres. If it works commercially, cheers to a section of the Bengali audience for its changing tastes in entertainment.


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