Koto Kando Kathmandu-tey Feluda Film Animated

Satyajit Ray’s Feluda Animated: Hyderabad-based animation firm DQ Entertainment has brought one of Satyajit Ray’s thriller Koto Kando Kathmandu-tey has been translated for the animated version in English as Kathmandu Caper, the first part of an entire series on Feluda entitled Mysteries and Feluda. The animated strip will be beamed on the Disney Channel beginning this month or the next. Charles Hodges, the noted British animation feature writer is scripting the films. The target audience is children between seven and 14. “The trigger was to bring the Indian Sherlock Holmes to kids of today,” says Sumedha Saraogi of DQ Entertainment. Devika Prabhu, associate director of programming at Walt Disney Television International, India, adds, “We want to connect with the audience with local stories. The Feluda series is by a master storyteller and Disney wants to bring classics to its target audience.” But Sandip Ray who owns the rights to the entire Feluda series has not yet seen the finished product yet. “I will make it a point to watch it before it goes on air,” says Sandip Ray. They wanted the rights to the entire series but Ray gave them only Koto Kando Kathmandu-tey and a few more. “We have adapted the original story to suit the likings of today’s kids without moving away from the main plot. Feluda is famous for thrills, adventure, drama and journeys. We have retained all this and tried to make the story faster and more entertaining,” Saraogi elaborates. So, kids, get ready to watch Feluda sans Sabyasachi Chakraborty, the brand identity of Feluda along with his constant companions Topshe and Jatayu.

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